Why you Should Get Your Dental Assisting Certification

In order to become the best dental assistant you can be, attaining your Dental Assisting Certification should be one of your top priorities. Why you may ask? Well, the number of benefits it has in helping you progress your career cannot be underestimated. With the job market being so competitive, it is vitally important to set yourself apart from the competition by getting your certificate through the DANB (otherwise known as the Dental Assisting National Board Inc). More and more, dental practices are looking for dental assistants to hold this certification for the dental assistant jobs they advertise.


Because the majority of employers now look to have a dental assistant with this certification, it may leave you at a massive disadvantage if you don’t have one. Some dental practices may require people who are applying to hold the certificate, otherwise they will not be considered. To employers, it shows that the dental assistant who is applying for the job is able to meet the rigorous standards of the dental assisting profession and has the knowledge to progress and be a success within their practice.

Recent statistics released by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) found that amongst people who were employed, these employees that were full time (in any profession) were more likely to hold a certificate or license to practice than part time staff.

Earnings and benefits

You will probably expect to see that individuals who have a certificate or licence to practice have higher salaries as a result. On average, a certified individual’s wage is around 30% higher than an uncertified employee. This goes to show how much more valued to a dental practice a certified dental assistant is.

Advancing the profession

Individually, the benefits of holding a dental assisting certificate are numerous. But, there is also benefits for the wider industry at large. Experts believe that the more certified dental assistants there are, the profession will elevate in terms of prestige and earnings. It is quite common for Dental Assistants to feel they are not as well valued as the dentist, and this sometimes extends to patients when they don’t treat the assistant as well as the dentist.3

Consider certification

So, are you now considering certification? If you haven’t got your certificate yet, there are numerous resources online to look at. Why not scout out your dream job at https://www.dentreps.com/cm/candidate/search_jobs and you can see the difference in wages from an uncertified dental assistant to a certified dental assistant?

At the moment, the DANB currently provides five national certifications. This allows you to earn a certificate that meets your own personal needs and goals. Good luck!

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