Why is Cerakoting Technology Considered The Most Durable Firearms Costing?

Cerakote is nothing but a ceramic finish. This finish contains an exclusive chemical formulation, which, improves the performance of the material. Wood, plastics, polymers and metals can have Cerakote on them, for a better performance in their properties.

The performance includes corrosion resistance, hardness to the material, chemical resistance, abrasion or wear resistance. The main intention for designing Cerakote is to afford the best quality, long lasting and durability.

Cerakote has about 106 color coatings which are the standard color coatings. Custom mixes of colors are also available as per as your choice.

Cerakoting Technology

Cerakote applied for the long lasting performance. Cerakote has quite a few number of series. Namely:

  • V- Series
  • W- Series
  • MC- Series
  • C- Series
  • H- Series

Each series categorized according to the type of material we prefer.


This series of Cerakote can be applicable for metals. Cerakote of v-series increases the performance of the metal. It gives an excellent bodily performance. It resists to low heat conductivity. There won’t be any fade in color because it has a color resistance up to 2000 degree F.


Cerakoting of W series has a resistance against corrosion, hardness, flexibility, scratch, and chemicals. Just like the V series, w series applied for metals alone. The w series has a temperature stability of 1300 degree F.

MC Series

MC series considered as the hardest and strongest coating in Cerakote. Many industries are using this series of coating for a long lasting corrosion in the machines. This coating prevents the material from all chemical exposures in the industry and has a temperature stability from 450 degrees F to 1100 degrees F. Plastics, metals, composites, hydro graphics, PVD, wood, metals and various other materials can be coated wth MC series.


C Series

The C series has an outstanding physical performance with low heat conductivity and a good defender in temperature. The temperature resists up to 2000 degree F. Materials coated in this series are wood, plastics, metals, polymer and composites.

H Series

If you are using a firearm, then H series is an advisable Cerakote. The H series has a good corrosion resistance, abrasion, scratch, chemicals, and hardness. The material used for this series is metal. Especially firearms.

The Durability

The H series holds more points than the C series coating. An average firearm’s biggest enemy is corrosion. However, Cerakote kicks the corrosion off from its field. Many tests have been conducted to check the results in durability. Creakote stood like a guard to the firearm from:

  1. Corrosion
  2. Abrasion
  3. Chemical resistance
  4. Hardness

When compared to another coating like Ionbond and Blueing they couldn’t withstand the above criteria. But the Cerakote glocks could withstand all the tests and gave good results.

ASMT: It is an internationally recognized organization. They test products and show the results to the consumers. ASMT certifies Cerakote is best for firearms and its durability.

A firearm is a device to defend; Cerakote is a defender of firearms. Applying Cerakote will prolong the usage of a firearm and keep them free from all kind of ease.

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