Which refrigeration system suits your business?

A large variety of businesses rely on commercial refrigeration units, and entities such as hotels restaurants, cafes and takeaways all have their particular needs.


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There have been many advancements in technology and development, and these days, refrigeration units of almost all shapes, styles and sizes are readily available. Let’s take a look at what type of unit will suit your business.

Walk-In Refrigerators

The biggest of all refrigerators, a walk-in is designed to keep a vast volume of food and drinks cold at any time. These fridges are ideally suited to entities that need to store vast quantities of stock on site and are usually found in larger restaurants, hotels and supermarkets.


Reach-ins are the most common type of commercial refrigerator as they provide easy access and a large amount of storage space. Often found in the back of small convenience stores, cafes and restaurants, these fridges come in varying shapes and sizes.


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Under-Counter Refrigerators

This type of fridge has the same functionality as a reach-in, but it has been designed to sit under a counter. Generally a bit smaller, an under-counter unit may provide solid door refrigeration or have a glass display front if it is going to be in public view. Refrigerator specialists like https://www.fridgefreezerdirect.co.uk/solid-door-refrigeration will offer a range of options, and often counters are built on top of these fridges to maximise use of space.

Work Top Refrigerators

Similar to an under-counter fridge, a work top fridge has a built-in workspace. Topped by a worktable, these units are ideal for efficiency and space saving and are multi functional. Pizzerias, takeaways and cafes often make use of this type of refrigerator to enjoy its dual-purpose properties.

Merchandisers or Display Cases

If you need a refrigerator that both stores produce and displays it, merchandisers are the way to go. These display case fridges have glass or clear doors or sliding tops and are ideal for shop floors where customers want to see the available product range.

Bar Fridges

Typically used for promoting products while keeping them cool, bar fridges are small and generally have a glass door so that customers can reach in and grab a cool drink or similar item.

Whatever your refrigeration needs, there is sure to be a fridge that works for you and your business.

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