What To Expect When Writing Your First Essay For University

It’s your first year. You’ve moved out of your parents’ house, and your first foray into adulthood is beginning. Life is a blur of societies to join, new friends to meet, and – let’s be real – a lot of drinking! In amongst all this, you’ll probably want to set aside some time to tackle your first essay assignment. This can be daunting! Here are three things you can expect and how to handle them.

  • You’ll feel like you’ve completely forgotten how essays work. Don’t panic! Everyone feels like this when they come to university – and it happens again at the start of second and third year. You’ve spent the summer in well-earned celebration and chill-out time, so don’t worry if you find you can’t go from 0-60 in a few seconds – everyone’s in the same boat. The standard student method is to wait until the last minute, panic and then rush the whole thing out in a caffeinated frenzy – but you’ll get a leg-up on your first essay if you buck this trend. Essay writer services recommend that you complete a first draft at least a day in advance of the deadline, to give you time to go back, edit and iron out the kinks. If you get really stuck, email your lecturers – they’re there to help you.Image result for What To Expect When Writing Your First Essay For University
  • Oh my god the referencing. Look, there’s no two ways about it – referencing your essays is tougher at uni than it is at college. One of the best ways to get used to academic referencing requirements is to look at how they work in the books from your course reading list, but this can be intimidating. Your university will probably have a page on its website to help you with referencing conventions, as well as clarifying which pieces of information in your essay require a reference. You can also use www.citethisforme.com for help. Don’t forget about the bibliography; there’s nothing worse than triumphantly putting the finishing touches to your conclusion, and then realising you’ve got another hour’s work to go sorting the bibliography out. According to any credible assignment writer services, it’s always best to write your bibliography as you go along.
  • You’ll need to do a lot of reading. Tempting as it may be to skim Wikipedia and try to blag it, if you want to get a good grade you’ll need to do quite a bit of reading. By doing this, you will build up your knowledge base, equip yourself to critically engage with the question you’ve been given and get a feel for the style of academic writing.

Good luck!

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