What to Expect When Searching for Job Vacancies in Nottingham

Considering its lush greenery and lovely tourist attractions, many may be unaware of Nottingham’s struggling job market. This seems especially true for youngsters in the suburb regions and of course those with less schooling and industry experience. But the good news is that jobs in Nottingham are a real possibility if you know where to look, who’s hiring and what titles are in demand.

First off, where can you learn about open positions?

The internet is a common space to find openings but many don’t consider the abundance of job vacancies in Nottingham that can be applied for right in person at a local job fair. An example of this occurred in the Motorpoint Arena recently when a free job fair was hosted with the local council. These are great incentives to lower the unemployment rate in the area and are becoming increasingly popular. Job fairs are also optimal because they allow job seekers to leave a lasting impression on the company when interacting with them in person. They may also be more likely to secure an interview this way.Image result for Searching for Job Vacancies

Other places to look are job centres. Nottingham is home to several job centres as well as employment and recruitment agencies. Jobcentre Plus is a well-known chain of centres with at least three locations in the area.

Top Companies For Your Job Search In Nottingham

Along with knowing where to look it is also important to know who’s who in the county and the industries that are thriving and doing well. The Nottingham Post released their own list of the top 200 companies in the area for job seekers as well as those looking for a change in careers. Such findings made in conjunction with professors from Nottingham University Business School will hopefully provide new insights into vacancies in Nottingham as well as the best prospects around.

The first on the list is not shocking in the least. Anyone who is familiar with the area would assume that Boots UK would hold a very high ranking. With over 40,000 employees this top company is involved in pharmacy and health and beauty retailing. If this is your field it would be worth it to stay on top of their career’s page. Other top names to consider for a job search in Nottingham include Pendragon, Sports Direct International, Wilko Retail, Gala Coral Group and Langley Holdings.

Hot Industries For Vacancies In Nottingham

Being familiar with the sectors that have the most job postings can also be to your advantage. To be better prepared for these positions you can have several versions of your CV available to cater to different fields. If you have a range of experience for example, simply highlight whichever area pertains most to the sector in which you are applying.

Some popular sectors for a job search in Nottingham may include Retail, Information Technology, Health, Medical and Social Care, Engineering, Office and Administration and Education Teaching and Training. These turn out to be the areas with the highest number of job postings depending on where you search. Though it is not inclusive of all job sites as employers may have a preference as to where they post it does help to understand what titles may be in demand. Additionally, it gives some idea of what skills are worth investing in if you love living in Nottingham and want to be competitive in the job market.

Trending Titles for Jobs in Nottingham

Along with knowing the top industries it can also help to keep an ear out for trending job titles as well. Though it is hard to nail down a comprehensive study of trending job titles for Nottingham one can look to some job title statistics for help. For instance, according to Jobtome, a popular job site. there are over 40,000 IT jobs listed for Nottingham with the top titles in that sector for the all of the UK being IT support and data analyst. Retail is also booming in Nottingham with over 170,000 jobs listed and customer service representative being the top title in that sector for the UK.

Recruiting Companies And Vacancies In Nottingham

Likewise, if going back to school or embarking on a first-time college journey is of interest to you, then this last bit of information may be relevant. A recent report provided a ranking of the top schools that UK employers turn to for recruitment. The first five for the East Midlands include Loughborough, Nottingham, Leicester, Lincoln and Nottingham Trent. This is also encouraging to current students of these schools that the reputation supersedes them for recruitment.

Though if you are not college bound or want something with less commitment then many certification programs offer job placement services as an incentive. Technology or specific trade schools will also fit this description. You may even find that some trade schools actually have a unique relationship with a specific recruiter and job placement may even occur before graduation.

Hopefully, you have found this information of some benefit and best wishes to you in your journey for a successful and lucrative position.

For more tips and advice on how to find jobs, you can visit Jobtome’s career blog here: http://blog.jobtome.com/en/

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