Weight loss coffee – myth debunked

Coffee has become an integral part of our lives and we human beings are unresponsive without the same. Unlike tea, coffee has picked up in fashion and we all crave for that dash of caffeine on a regular basis. For all those who don’t like roasted coffee, green coffee bean is slowly picking up the trend. Green coffee supplements are becoming even trendier and are the quickest alternative. It is essential to note that the supplements are lethal if consumed in large quantities. Due to its easy availability at leading local drug stores and super markets, people tend to consume it in abundance.

Main component and its benefit

The main component of green coffee bean supplement is that it contains more chlorogenic acid (CGA). This element is often found in other fruits also and is believed to a weight loss agent. This ingredient has a thermogenic effect on the human body’s metabolism and enables quick fat burning. It is essential to understand that the fat burning occurs only when you are consuming food. Skipping meals will not help. Many users of these supplements have claimed to have the brilliant effect on their body mass and continued to use it for the desired results. It is essential to understand that weight loss supplements need to be backed by a balanced diet and work-out and exercise. The supplement does not provide the required nutrients, so for an overall development, you need to eat.

There are Side effects

There is no such thing as ‘weight-loss coffee’ and the supplements that are available in the market play multiple roles that just keeping you awake. These supplements are believed to reduce your appetite, stimulates your body’s central nervous system and provide antioxidants. It also helps reduce the blood sugar levels and increases metabolism. Everybody has different take to these supplements and the result will not be the same. The reason being the body’s composition and structure being unique. Common side effects of this extract include jitteriness and giddiness, stomach ailments, nausea, headaches and anxiety disorders. It is recommended to get a physician’s consultation done prior to consuming these supplements. Pregnant ladies should refrain from taking this supplement as the baby will be affected by the chemical.

Follow Dosage and tips

Despite the known benefits, you need to be careful about the dosage and benefits of the supplements. The fact that the supplement contains more chlorogenic acid (CGA), makes it dangerous. Dosage usually varies in accordance to the person’s age, gender, a health issue and daily caffeine intake. It is believed that caffeine can have an overall impact on the human body. Calcium absorption gets affected by excessive intake of caffeine which leads to osteoporosis and other bone diseases. It is advised to not consume aerated soft drinks more than 5 servings a day and limit the caffeine intake to 200 to 300 mg of caffeine. Soft drinks tend to induce weight gain and obesity and spoils the purpose of consuming the supplement.

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