We All Want This Comfort Sleeping to Handle Everything on the Next Day

How well you sleep at night will dictate how you will function and feel the following day. It’s imperative not only to obtain a healthy amount of sleep but also to sleep well. You may be able to prevent the need for that morning pick-me-up and some mental fogginess as well as the mid-afternoon crash if you can harness good sleep habits.

So, what goes into getting comfortable and perfect? Whether you’re a morning person or not, check the following list below on how to sleep better tonight and we will have you thanking the next morning.

Take a Break From Late Night Snacks

According to Dr. Sam Sugar, director of MedCheck and Sleep Health Programs at the Pritikin Longevity Center + Spa in Miami, consuming foods and drinks for at least two hours prior bedtime will lead to heartburn or reflux, and that would keep you uncomfortable and wide awake.

Get Your Journalpipe

Studies suggest that keeping a journal allows a person to focus on the positive things instead of the negative aspects of the day. Doing or thinking about stressful activities causes your body to excrete stress hormones that cause alertness which is the last thing you will need at night. However, writing down your stressful thoughts in a journal prevents restlessness once you hit your mattress.

Make Your Bed Comfortable

A comfortable mattress is one of the key factors of getting good sleep. Make sure that your bed has a good pressure-support system that is friendly to your spine. If you’re not getting sufficient support from your mattress, you will need to add a mattress pad.

Keep Naps Short and Sweetpipe

You’re lucky if you have time to nap, but don’t overdo it for more than 30 minutes, Dr. Sugar said. If you’ll nap for half an hour, your body enters the stage of deep sleep which makes it difficult for you to wake up and will leave you feeling grumpy. A well-regulated nap each day is an excellent treatment for daytime fatigue, so keep it short and sweet.

Unplug Before Bedtime

Stay away from any external stimulation such as televisions, smartphones, books, newspapers and any potential source of light or noise, a few minutes before you go to sleep. You must also stay away from performing any strenuous activities like deep-cleaning the house or late-night workouts because they will just keep you alert.

Keep the Bed for Sleep Only

Please, your body deserves a break, don’t bring your work to bed such as paying your bills or responding to emails through your laptop. Your body needs to acknowledge that your bed is for resting, so you must train it that way.

Turn Off the Lightspipe

Keep your room dark and quiet. If you have bright light, an alarm clock or any electronic devices with light sources, make sure the brightness isn’t facing your direction. According to Dr. Matthew Mingrone, lead physician at Eos Sleep in San Francisco, artificial light inhibit the production of the hormone melatonin which can disturb natural sleep and can mess with your sleep cycle.

Sleep in Varying Positions

Altering your sleeping positions makes a big difference in the quality of your sleep. Make a conscious effort to follow the guidelines below until it becomes habitual when you go to sleep or if you wake up in the middle of the night. Having the right mattress such as the Sealy King Single Mattress can also help your position while sleeping.

  • Keep your body in a mid-line position, where both your neck and head are held roughly straight. It will help you sleep.
  • Do not sleep on your stomach. It’s hard to keep the proper position, and it’s more likely to cause pains and aches. Place a pillow under your hips instead of under your head if you want to sleep on your stomach.


A comfortable sleep is vital to feel motivated and energized the next day. It’s just unfortunate that too many people get less than superior sleep and suffer for it every day. The simple suggestion above can improve the quality of your sleep, and your mind and body will thank you for making an extra effort towards better sleep.

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