Van racking do’s and don’ts

Setting up racking takes skill and experience, so if you are new to this type of storage solution, the following tips will be useful for setting you off in the right direction.

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Don’t skimp on planning

The first stages of laying out your plans for racking will be crucial, so it’s not worth rushing to get to the actual installation before you’ve worked out exactly what you need.

A good way to start is to get the floor plan of your van, draw in the access points and work out how much of the interior space you can realistically dedicate to the racking assembly.

With this rough guide in hand, you will be much better equipped to choose Van Racking that has practical benefits for your business.

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Do consider materials

The type of material that is used to construct the racking will determine its suitability, due to a number of factors.

Pick lightweight aluminium racking, for example, and you will not just be creating a strong and stable platform for storage in your van – you will also be cutting fuel costs. And with prices at the pump on the rise, frugality in this area can make a big difference.

Meanwhile, wooden racking can be cheap and cheerful, if a lot less durable than its aluminium or steel counterparts.

It is a bit of a balancing act, but with the right racking material at your side, you are sure to find that you have made a good investment.

Don’t limit your options

Some of the best racking solutions are not static, but come with modular designs that boost the overall flexibility of the setup and put you in charge of how tools, equipment and components are stored and organised.

Rigid racking with shelving and containers that cannot be removed might be a tempting option, especially in terms of price. In reality, paying a little more early on could continue to pay dividends further down the line in terms of productivity.

Do look at load limits

Each van has a maximum payload that it can manage safely, so the weight of your racking will come into play in this regard.

Also, think about the size of the racking, as a smaller assembly might still give you the storage benefits you are looking for without overburdening your van.

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