Unrevealed Awesome Facts about Bangalore: You Must not miss

Bangalore is well known as the city of greenery, innovations and livelihood of living all the time. Apart from the common facts and things, there are much more interesting facts are in Bangalore which you shouldn’t miss next time. Bangalore is not only a metropolitan city, but it is the third largest cities in India with a population of 8.5millions. Everybody loves to live in a greenery locality with a pleasant climate, but such facts you can only find in Bangalore.

Let’s have a deep look into unrevealed awesome facts about Bangalore

City of Electricity

Bangalore is the first city in India have the electricity in 1906. Hydro Electricity power supply initiated in Shivanasamudra for supplying electricity to the Bangalore and honoured with first city with Electricity in India.

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Heart of Software

Though Bangalore is well known for the software cities, but awesome fact is that, it holds 250 software companies, which are top most in India and some are across the globe. Most of the business people rush to Bangalore from Mumbai. This is also another reason for Mumbai to Bangalore flights are a bit busy all the time.

Amazing Greenery

When we talking about Bangalore city, there are a lot of things to discuss, especially the greenery which has itself become the brand of Bangalore. Amazing Cubbon Park spreaded in 100 acres and giving space to many plants and trees. This is the huge park in the city, which you should visit at least once.


India itself well established for its variety foods with different tastes. Fortunately Bangalore occupies top place in the list. Variety of foods and taste you can taste in the city. Especially tiffin’s like Dosa well known across the globe and filter coffee. You can’t find the taste anywhere else.


There are many types of cultures incorporated in one place that is Bangalore. Bangalore is the heart of ancient monuments. The oldest temple in the world is situated in center of the city.  Many other locations which are occupied by the oldest monuments are chikkajala, Hejjala & savanadurga, etc. People of the city adopts the culture and they use to own other cultures too.


Nowhere else you can find such an awesome people. Bangalorians are like anything, they use to follow, adopt and learn. They use to give value to the places which are reserved for other and like to share the culture, activities and tradition. The fact is, Bangalore is purely a cosmopolitan city by having 49% of kannadians, 16% Telugu, 10% Keralians and remaining are from various places across the globe.

In fact there are many other places and locations, cultures are adopted by the city. When you visit Bangalore don’t miss to check all these places. Reaching Bangalore from anywhere in the world is quiet easy. You can reach directly to Bangalore from any country, but the fact is there are only limited Economical flights are available to the city. If you want to fly through some other options like, landing in Delhi or Mumbai it is a bit convenient. There are number of flights available from Mumbai. You can check out the status by go through Mumbai to Bangalore flights status for next quarter.


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