Uncommon Roadway Distractions You Should Consider

We commute almost everyday. For some, commuting may take a considerably larger amount of time depending on the final destination and nature of the commute. For others, time spent on the roadways may be considered more minimal. The location of work, school, and leisurely activities frequently dictate the amount of time drivers tend to spend behind the wheel. Furthermore, the time of travel plays a large factor in the time we spend traveling.

Our nature of travel is also something to consider when evaluating our safety on the roadways. For those who live in urban environments, it may be more practical to travel and take advantage of city transit options that are available in the area. Rural community members may find themselves traveling via a motorcycle or automobile, and spending a much more considerable amount of time behind the wheel. Enjoying the luxury of living away from city-slickers where congestion and busy streets also comes with a price when considering the amount of extra time spent behind the wheel.

Regardless of where you live, it’s important to stop and analyze some of the less common ways distractions occur on the roadways. Though statistics show that factors like drunk driving and texting while driving play large factors when evaluating contributing factors to accidents on the roadways, it’s important to take time to examine some of the less discussed factors that drivers should consider.

Lower Statistics, Lower Discussion

By nature, when we evaluate problems in our society, we tend to focus on the contributing factors that make up the largest percentage of the statistics. When it comes to accidents on our roadways, we tend to consider things like drink driving, and the use of cell phones. Let’s evaluate some of the other, less discussed contributing factors on our roadways


Though this makes up only around one percent of all accidents on our roadways, lighting up a cigarette can cause serious concerns for drivers. Taking your focus from the roadway for a split second can cause drivers to swerve off the road.


Pets and other moving objects can cause many distractions when traveling. Additionally, they can cause noise distractions and block driver’s vision if they are large enough.

Adjusting Car Settings

Adjusting the radio, moving seats, and modifying the air conditioner can also cause chaos and potential dangers for drivers, especially when commuting on highways and busier roadways. This accounts for two percent of distracted driving incidents.

Eating and Drinking

Grabbing a snack during your drive can also cause dangers, as it takes away from your attention on the roadways. Looking down to grab a quick sip of your favorite beverage can put drivers as well as other motorists at risk.

Make a Pledge

As drivers, we should all make a pledge to ensure we are keeping ourselves, as well as other motorists on the roadways safe while making our daily commutes. It’s the less common behaviors, such as smoking, pets, adjusting car settings, and eating and drinking that have the potential to add to accidents on our roadways. Statistically, texting while driving, and drunk driving account for a larger portion of the causes of accidents on our roadways. However, eliminating just one of the behaviors as described above can help to keep our roads safer, and more efficient in the long run.

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