The Truth Behind Buying HGH Supplements In Thailand

You might have come across a number of online websites and magazines that vote Thailand as one of the best places to get ‘legal’ body building steroids for dirt cheap price. But before rushing to book your flight tickets, it is essential that you do some reality check. Should you not find out whether the easy availability of Human Growth Hormones and steroids in the Thai market is just a myth?

Legality Of HGH in Thailand

Just as it happens with the rest of the countries in the world, the reputed Thai HGH clinics in Bangkok uses steroid for therapeutic purposes only. HGH therapy is very helpful for children suffering from retarded growth. However, its constant abuse by amateur bodybuilders as made it a controlled substance. This means, you can legally procure HGH only against a prescription from a registered and practicing doctor. The Thai administration offers no exception to the rule. Nevertheless, the government there approves its use for medical uses. Also, you will find a number of medical practitioners who would offer you prescriptions recommending HGH. The service is, of course, available only after paying a fee.

Buying HGH in Thailand

Even if you fail to find a doctor to get your prescriptions, you can get your stack-packs in the Thai black markets. Most of the major cities in the country, such as Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket house such drug stores. You can find almost all brands of body building steroids in such pharmacies. Some of the best-selling varieties include Eutropin, Norditropin and Genotropin. Most of such stores have ‘special shelves’ where you are likely to find everything that you were looking for. However, depending on the location of your store, you might be challenged while checking out with your products. So this is something that you will have to take care of.

Exporting HGH from Thailand

You cannot simply take your drug packages back to your country. Your belongings, as well s your steroid packages will have to make their way through the international regulations for shipping. Even shipping your steroids is not legally permitted in Thailand. Doing so, you can face legal complications on both ends on the planet. Nevertheless, you can legally bring in the components, as well as the individual ingredients if you are a licensed pharmacy. But even then, it will not allow you to export or import HGH or body building steroids off and on.

Substitute to HGH in Thailand

If you want to avoid the possible legal ramifications of buying steroids, then the Thai HGH clinics in Bangkok can help you. Most of the premier clinics offer alternative supplements that help you accomplish your body building goals. Such supplements basically combine various essential amino acids. Together, they work to make your system release its own storage of Human Growth Hormones. This, in turn, will help you build more muscle mass.  But as it is the case with most of the body building steroids, even these supplements are not approved by the FDA.


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