Trends in Wedding Photography

The style of wedding photographs is affected by fashions and trends like many other things. The way photos were taken for your parents wedding are not how your photos will look, thanks to new technology and emerging trends. You’ll want your pictures to be cutting edge and for your photographer to understand the latest techniques while maintaining a timeless class that won’t age too quickly. Here are current trends that look great and won’t date your wedding:

  1. Getting the Proposal

For some couples, the journey starts with the proposal and they want this to form part of their wedding collection. Grooms who are on the ball have started organising photographers to be present at the proposal so the special moment can be treasured forever and shared with family and friends who might not have been present.

  1. Stop-Motion

These are still photos that are then animated in a video and set to music. A few favourite shots put together for a wedding album page create a fresh and fun addition to any collection. Stop motion effects can also be used to great effect or making a short movie-like trailer which can be uploaded to social media or emailed to friends and family.

  1. Special Wedding Dress Portraits

When so much money has been spent on a dress that’s only worn for one day, brides have begun to schedule photo shoots in their dress before the wedding day. These formal portraits are a wonderful way of spending the time needed to document every angle of the dress properly, which often can’t be achieved on a busy wedding day. For a Bournemouth Wedding Photographer, visit

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  1. Photo Booth Upgrades

Having a fun photo booth at your wedding has been a trend for a while now and seem to be maturing. Instead of cheap tacky props, vintage accessories are becoming popular. Many booths now offer a more high-tech service too, with touchscreens and Wi-Fi allowing guests to upload their amusing pics straight away to social media. This allows friends and family who couldn’t be with you see the events unfold in real time.

  1. Backlit Images

Another romantic trend is the use of natural light from behind during sunrise or sunset. This provides warm, glowing light that is very flattering. Everything seems to look more beautiful during these times of day and it’s a clever way to get Mother Nature to do the work in making the shots look amazing.

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  1. Day After Shots

Weddings are ridiculously busy days and you might not be able to fit in all the shots you want to get. Many couples are now employing the services of a photographer the day after the big event. This is a great idea if you want to get photos in a different location or to capture family and friends in a more relaxed setting if you’re all staying at a hotel together, for example.

  1. Casual Family Portraits

Many couples decide they don’t want the traditional ‘line-up’ pose as it looks too forced, contrived and uncomfortable. Capturing people when they are relaxed, laughing and standing how and where they want is much more natural, authentic and stress-free way to get those beautiful family shots.

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