If You were to ask a child whether they would like a bath or a shower, most younger children under the age of ten would happily opt for a bath.  They prefer to sit in the warm bubbly, soapy water, splashing and playing with their rubber ducks and other bath time toys.  The alternative to children having a bath is them having a shower where water continuously pores over their heads and into their eyes.  I know from experience with my own children and grand-children that this does NOT contribute to a happy bath time routine.

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These days most modern baths are made from fibreglass or acrylic and are lightweight and come in a variety of colours.  Traditionally baths were made from cast iron and were heavy solid objects that would have been placed in front of an open fire and whole families would have used the same water to bathe in.  Cast Iron Baths Ireland is just one supplier of these old fashioned but luxury items that many people are choosing to have once again in their homes.  If your looking for a supplier of these elite products check out and other websites.  Cast iron baths were incredibly popular amongst the aristocracy mainly because of their ability to retain heat and keep the water hot.

The main advantage of opting for a shower is the positive effect it will have on your energy bills, and water usage.  Showers are a quick, convenient option that save time, money and water wastage, providing a healthy space saving alternative to a bath.  Climbing in and out of a bath tub can be really difficult for a lot of people, the elderly, disabled or young children can find it awkward and dangerous.  This is where and when a shower or even a wet room can have a tremendous advantage, providing a safe option to a bath time routine.

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Independence is a huge factor to many people who struggle with their mobility and having the use of a shower facility where they can wash and clean themselves independently would be crucial.  Wet rooms and shower cubicles can be fitted with many disability aids, tracking facilities, hoists, grab rails, seats and non-slip flooring options are just a few ideas available when it comes to creating an independent environment.

It really is a personal choice, baths or showers, what ever option suits your home and family best is the right one for you.


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