Top pizza trends in 2017

Does flavour really matter when it comes to pizza? There was a time when pizza restaurants were a new concept and a novelty. People had a preferred base and a favourite combination of toppings. Taking into account their particular likes and dislikes, people could then make an informed choice on the best pizza restaurant to visit.


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Now times have changed. Fast food is more popular, and pizza restaurants, along with many other fast food establishments, can be found everywhere. This means that to gain and maintain business, they must compete with each other and find something to offer that will make them stand out against the competition. Does this mean new flavours, or with so many options out there, do people look for something completely different from their pizza provider now?

New trends

It would seem that flavours and toppings are still up there when it comes to picking a favourite pizza place, but these must be creative. Asian toppings appear to have risen in popularity recently. In addition, the inclusion of a dessert can help to bring in the masses. Surprisingly, people will pay top dollar for something they really want, so prices don’t necessarily have to be very low. On top of this, there are many people who would appreciate an off-license sale to be included in their purchase as this could save them time, particularly when ordering takeaway on a weekend or for an occasion such as a televised sporting event.

Specialised equipment like pizza ovens such as those found at can be just as important when it comes to getting the flavour right and helping to maintain a steady flow of customers coming through the door.

A final word

These new trends have shown that business will always change over time, and with so much competition, it is extremely important to stay in the know and on top of the trends to maintain regular customers and keep everyone happy. You can never really know what knowledge a customer has in terms of equipment and current trends, and these could be things that keep them coming back, so it is always best to try and stay ahead of the game. Of course, you must keep in mind that exceptional service with a smile will always be a winner, too.

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