Tips On Dealing With A Financial Crisis With Bad Credit


Did you just recently suffer from a job loss or has your income drastically changed? If so, a sudden emergency or unforeseen crisis can cause your bank account balance to spiral out of control. Fluctuations in your income can quickly make it challenging to pay your basic bills on time, including your credit cards. Add a large hospital bill to the mix and you’ll feel like you’re drowning in calls from bill collectors and banks.  

Here are just a few tips on how to deal with your financial crisis when you’re unable to obtain financing from a bank.

Qualifying For An Installment Loan

A financial crisis that leaves you in a serious bind and unable to move ahead with life-altering options can be crippling. If you were turned down by your bank or a credit union that you have been working with for several years, it can make you feel like you’re at the end of the road. One option that may work for you is to get an installment loan. Installment loans are a type of loan that you pay back in specific increments. Oftentimes, the credit terms are relaxed and you only have to prove the following:

  • *That you have a steady income flow or meaningful employment.
  • *Meet certain income amount requirements.
  • *Proof of address, which could include last month’s utility bill.
  • *Provide a valid checking account.
  • *Must not be currently involved in a bankruptcy case.
  • *Have to be 18 years or older.

Once you feel you may meet the requirements, you can begin to fill out an online application, from there, you will be contacted to finish the application process and eventually if approved, have money deposited into your account.

Bypass Tight Credit Requirements With A Payday Loan Alternative

If you already have poor credit, you know the last place where you’d likely get approved for cash is through your bank or credit union. Most banks have strict guidelines when it comes to lending funds to account holders. One of the first things they will look at his your credit rating and overall creditworthiness through your merged credit reports. A low debt-to-income ratio, no new credit cards and low balances on your revolving credit accounts are what are generally sought after by bank underwriters. 

If you don’t meet those general criteria, it’s time to look at payday loan alternatives. These organizations will help you get your hands on some cash fast, without a lot of red tape and requirements that most traditional lenders insist on. So whether it’s an emergency surgery, an accident or a high insurance deductible that you need cash to pay on, consider a payday loan alternative to help you get ahead with your situation without sacrificing a lengthy approval process.  

Take Advantage Of Fast Cash Loans

Even if you’re unsure if you have bad credit or not, a major advantage to obtaining a fast cash loan is to get access to funds to be able to pay your debt right away. For some urgent situations, if you need access to money, you may not get approved for a short-term loan right away from your lender. Waiting days, even hours for money can make your hard situation difficult. Because traditional lenders often outsource some loan approvals to underwriters who only work specific hours, or details need to be verified, you’ll wait longer for your money.

Talk To Your Creditors

Are you being faced with a bank levy, repossession or foreclosure? If you have a fast-paced collection process happening right now, getting fast-cash is imperative. An online cash loan is the quickest way to resolve a major financial catastrophe. By obtaining a short-term cash loan, you can gain access to money in hours and then wire your funds to your bank to stop collectors from moving in. The key is to call your creditors now, don’t wait. If you’ve been getting threatening phone calls or court papers warning of impending action on your bank account or taking back possession of your car, call them right away. You may be able to get an extension before they start to take action.

A financial debacle can have a trickle-down effect on your lifestyle. Contact a payday loan lending specialist and solve your problems sooner rather than later.

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