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Jeep is among the leading American automotive brands that are well known for its rich history and iconic design. The Jeep brand was originally established to manufacture military vehicles, and it played a crucial role during the Second World War. In fact, one Jeep model won the coveted Purple Heart award after surviving two critical landing during World War II.

Today, car shoppers are always eager to get behind the wheel of their Jeep brand model courtesy of the new Jeep financing. Owning a Jeep model is quite different from owning the other car models since all Jeep owners are part of a worldwide community and culture that the other drivers on the road don’t experience.

So, how well do you know the Jeep brand? Here are some facts you didn’t know about this automotive brand.

The First Jeep Model Prototype Was Developed in 1940

It was the American Bantam Car Company that built the first developmental prototype of the Jeep. This prototype was delivered for thorough testing to the United States Army camp in Baltimore on September 23rd, 1940. The late prototypes that were developed by Willys-Overland and Ford companies was just a refinement of the initial prototype. Although the Bantam Company never built Jeeps, it manufactured numerous construct trailers for the American army until mid-1950.

Jeep Once Built a Sports Car

Today, the Jeep is widely known for muddy and off-the-road activities. It is not known for speeding along the coast. More people who acquire the Jeep through the new Jeep financing model are simply interested in its dependability off-the-road.

 However, the company once explored the idea of producing its own sports car and as strange as the concept may seem, it actually worked. The 1969 Jeep XJ001 featured a sporty design and had an open top and open doors. Although the vehicle was on the road for several auto shows, the company never undertook mass production of the model.

Cherokee Is the Most popular Jeep Model

The Jeep Cherokee has always been the most popular Jeep model on the road in the Jeep brand lineup. This model was designed to display the civility and ruggedness of the Cherokee tribe uniquely. Several jeep Cherokees can easily be spotted on various roadways across the country, and it remains one of the most popular SUVs in the United States. It is also the best-seller in the Jeep brand lineup.

The 2007 Wrangler Unlimited was the First Four-Door Jeep

The purpose of adding another set of doors to the wrangler was to provide more leg space and extra seating space for the passengers. The wrangler was 5.4 inches wider, and its wheelbase was at least two inches taller. It was also much longer compared to its predecessors.

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