Territorial Dispute Involving China

Recently China has been experiencing problems with the territory with different countries in the region. These territories are suddenly claimed by China to be theirs, to begin with despite evidence shown by the countries involved. There is a lot of speculation concerning why China has suddenly taken an aggressive stance when it comes to the different territories but one of the reasons usually mentioned is due to resources such as oil. The problem here is that both sides seem to have their own proof why the territories were theirs, to begin with. Countries such as Vietnam, Japan, and the Philippines are involved in the dispute in the different territories in the region. The problem here is that the aggression China is showing in laying claims to these different territories could do a lot of harm for the business relations with countries which are not involved. Considering that the economy of China has somehow slowed down compared to before this could be something the need to consider whether it would do them more harm than good.

Even if the territories being considered may not be that big in terms of size it is still important for both sides of the different territories to protect resources that they believe should be theirs in the first place. The problem here is that entities such as the UN would have to step in especially if aggression from both sides starts to show.  Considering that the military power of China is not something to be shrugged off, they might be able to outmatch smaller countries but the question here is whether they are willing to stir up more trouble with bigger and more powerful countries. One of the important questions to consider here is why China has suddenly shown interest in these territories.

From a business standpoint, these territorial dispute is unfortunate because who would want to lose their resources after all. Even if the territory being considered is just an island or a body of water there are still a lot of resources being considered for both sides. It is also a matter of asserting the claim of one country over the other. This move made by China is also something risky because it would be attracting the attention of countries such as the US. If China continues to show aggression with these countries the US might be forced to show support to its allies which would create more problems for both sides, especially in these times that both the China and the US has somehow shown interest to improve business relations between both countries.

The battle for these territorial claims may still take a long time but it is important for China to consider whether they are willing to push through and proceed with the aggression being shown. On top of their territorial dispute with Japan, there are also issues such as the Nanjing Massacre which has recently resurfaced. Such issues make people nervous especially when it comes to business because dispute and conflict are usually bad for business. Business relations with these countries could also be affected. An important thing that should also be taken into account here is how the US would respond when the time comes that their allies would require support. In recent years China and the US have somehow shown interest in trying to improve their business relations. Both countries could earn a lot from improved business relations, after all, we are talking about two of the biggest economies. A lot has to be gained from both sides which are why it would be a waste if the relationship between both countries takes a turn.

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