The technical points to check when buying used car

Most people prefer to buy used cars than new cars. For a financial reason, used cars are cheaper. Still, there are points to check before a test drive. Even if the car is a rare gem with a tantalizing offer, you have to be sure of the technical details. Do not be fooled because the price of a used car must be in sync with its general condition.

If you are buying or online selling of used Ford Figo in Bangalore for the first time, this article might well help you. When it comes to a used car, a mechanical after-sales guarantee does not exist. That’s why you have to be on your guard and check the general condition of the car.

You have to ask the seller for mileage (how many kilometers did the car?): This determines the state of the engine. From 100 000 km, the vehicle is already considered old. But basically, you have to look at the key parts of the car, in the middle of the day preferably (night can blur some anomalies).

The engine:

  • Check the oil and coolant level (water), this allows you to know if the engine is well maintained. The condition of the timing belt needs to be examined, and it must be changed every 80,000 km to maintain the engine.

  • Check the cylinder head gasket, there is a problem if the oil filler cap has deposits of white liquids. It is the same for the battery, the presence of whitish liquid translates a failure.

  • Check the engine noise: if you hear knocks, the crankshaft must be repaired.

  • The bodywork: Check the condition of the doors, the hood and the trunk (if they open and close without problem) and gaskets.

  • Tires: check if the tires are not too worn, the car may slip when it rains.

  • The brakes: see if the parking brake and the brake pedal work (if there is no leakage or air in the circuit).


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