Steps to creating your signature look

A signature look is what every woman keen on her fashion wants to achieve. It can be effortless, and it suits those who are budget-conscious. Most importantly, it can help you to grow in confidence. Many celebrities, pop stars, soap actors and actresses have some sort of signature look.

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It can be effortless and budget-conscious

Think about what clothes you feel comfortable in, and then build on that. Collect pictures from magazines of clothes and even people who inspire you. Put them together and determine what look you could make your own.

Some styles are more suitable than others. Define your body shape and choose clothes than complement your shape. Don’t be over-confident and assume that every dress or pair of trousers or jeans will flatter your figure. Go with what you know and don’t choose ill-fitting clothes.

You can create your own signature style through various looks. One item that is popular for summer, in addition to being versatile, is the green maxi dress. Items such as these can be found at green maxi dress available at AX Paris.

Keep track of favourite outfits

According to Express, the Duchess of Cambridge’s signature style is so popular that she has inspired a “RepliKate” community who try to copy her.

Don’t forget to keep track of your favourite outfits. If you’re browsing websites, make a note of the site where you saw it or save the link. That way, it will be easier to return to. Another good idea is to save the pictures into a folder for quick reference.

Before creating a signature look, be aware of the appearance that is suitable for your job. It’s easy to adapt your clothing to suit office regulations, but if you adopt an extreme hairstyle, this may not go down well with your employer.

Always make room in your wardrobe for those high-frequency items of clothing, the trousers or the skirt and blouse that suit all occasions and never let you down. This is a great tip if you are limited for time and need to grab and go.

Above all, identify that signature item. Just as the Duchess of Cambridge has a signature pair of shoes for all occasions, you, too, can have a dress or even a specific colour of lipstick that you can make your own.

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