Staying safe at work in wet weather

Staying safe at work can be problematic if your job involves being outside in potentially hazardous places; with inclement weather, there are even more dangers to consider. Here are some ideas for what to put in place when working in wet weather.


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Working in wet conditions can have tragic consequences. Inadequate equipment can lead to fatalities, especially where the weather is concerned. You can protect yourself by considering body worn cameras while out and about, which will provide you with footage of any circumstances in which you think your health and safety is being compromised.


Always make sure that your clothing reflects the weather and your footwear provides adequate traction. Avoid any footwear with inadequate soles; instead, make sure that you wear boots with non-slip grooved soles. Also make sure that you are wearing an appropriate coat. If you are working at height, ensure that your coat will provide some protection if you fall in addition to being able to keep you shielded from the weather. Make sure that you can see and hear clearly and that you are wearing something with high visibility to enable others can see you. If you require googles or glasses to carry out your work, make sure they are always mist-free by carrying wipes or sprays to clean them as you work.


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Make sure that you are using appropriate equipment for the weather conditions; for instance, if using electrical tools and equipment, ensure that they are suitable for use during rain. If you are using tools, make sure any handles are non-slip and that you are wearing appropriate gloves that fit correctly. If you are using body worn cameras, such as those manufactured by, make sure they are waterproof and able to pick up footage during periods of poor visibility. If the lighting is poor due to the weather, ensure that you carry additional lighting for your own safety and the safety of those who may be around you.

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Make sure you move slowly and carefully around your working environment and do not take any shortcuts to avoid getting wet. Ensure you are using ladders correctly, as working at height is especially dangerous in wet conditions. Think about the safety of others when working and consider covering hazardous areas.


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