Six tips for personalising gifts

Buying gifts can be tricky, especially for those who seem to have everything; however, there is gift idea that is guaranteed to make even the hardest person to buy for smile. The trick is to go personalised, so let’s look at what you should consider when personalising a present.

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Character limit

With most personalised items comes a strict character count, which is highly important to the finished product. Run out of spaces and your Auntie Janet will be wondering who Auntie Jane is and why she has her present.


You don’t have to spend a lot of money to find the perfect personalised gift; instead, you can make your own present tailored specifically to the recipient. This could be a book of coupons, a list of reasons you love them, or you could even take inspiration from some schoolchildren and include the recipient’s favourite chocolate.


For a gift made to last, look for an item that can be engraved or etched. Products made of wood, such as photos frames, plaques and keepsake boxes, make great gifts that can stand the test of time.

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You can’t get any more personal than by adding photos, especially as they can be printed onto almost anything nowadays. From pillows to phone cases and ties to lap trays, the list is endless. A padded lap tray is one of the more unusual personalised gifts available, with the practicality making it ideal – so much so that you will find yourself Googling ‘Where can I buy a personalised lap tray?’

Time limits

Before ordering your personalised gift, bear in mind that they often take longer to produce. Presents that are mass produced can be ready instantly, but the work that goes into personalising a gift is worth it. Just make sure that you plan ahead and make yourself aware of turnaround times before you order.

Size up

Personalising something doesn’t mean that it has to be small; in fact, some of the best personalised gifts are large in size, so don’t be put off. Amongst the most popular products at the moment are personalised blankets, which can be sewn with images or words/phrases. You can also go big by personalising your child’s toy box to make an extra special place to store their favourite items.

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