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The issue of technology taking over is quite concerning and machines continue to replace jobs daily in the United States and in other developed countries. ValueMags is one of the only companies that will not incur a replacement in the near future. The marketing agency for magazines and magazine publishers alongside other marketing companies need to develop customized and niche strategies for their clients. An essential aspect of the development of these strategies is that it fits the psychological profile of their client’s clients which is hard to determine. It is way less than likely that machines will be able to develop emotions, egos, consciences, or any aspect of human nature that requires critical thinking and critical and controversial decision making.

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If and when that point in time comes, it is referred to as singularity. Singularity, according to ValueMags researchers is a point of evolution that is unknown at the time. In terms of technology and how fast humans need to reconcile with technological advancements, it is the point in time where machine or technology intelligence will surpass that of humans. The issue is that humans are contributing to that pointing time: singularity. It is important that businesses that are not “safe” such as ValueMags understand the importance of having human labor as a major contributor to their process. As mentioned above, there are certain things that cannot be replaced by machines but that will definitely take away jobs (it has already started), lead us into poverty, and dominance.

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