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Be it a shower stall, a traditional size shower, a shower with a shower rod that has been climbed at a higher than usual location, or a shower that is wider than the typical size, not only should you use shower curtains, but you should also use shower curtains liner, too.  Gratefully, there are many curtain liners on the market today that will fit just about any size and shape of the shower that can be installed in a home.  

The reason many millions of people use liners is that their primary shower curtains is often utilized as the decorative force behind the colours and designs that are in play in the bathroom. This leaves a need for an interior liner within your shower so that the curtain itself does not get soaked. Shower curtains liners are an important facet to the general maintenance of your shower curtain and overall shower area sanitation.

These seemingly simple accessories provide an important functionality in reducing curtain mildew.  Additionally, they likewise pose a unique styling aspect by providing a layering aspect to the shower area that simply cannot be achieved without one. Using fabric shower curtains can grant you more choices when it comes to finding the right one for your bathroom however this means that you will need to have a fabric curtain liner for it as well.   

When you use a curtain liner, you should know that this waterproof liner goes into the country that gets wet and the fabric part goes on the outside. Most of the time, these fabric curtains and waterproof liner pairs are used for those bathrooms that have showers and bathtubs combined in the bathtub area. This makes the use of the waterproof liner easier since you can only pull this into the tub area to help keep the water in while you shower and you simply push the fabric curtain out of the tub to keep it from getting wet.

What to Consider Before Buying the Perfect Curtain Liner?

  • Pick out shower curtains liner that is ultra-heavy. Ideally look for those that have been made using 5.8 gauge vinyls. As well as making sure that the vinyl used is heavy make sure that you select a long and wide curtain. The best size to choose is one that measures 70″ wide and 72″ long.  
  • Next, take a close look at the tip of the liner before you purchase. The kind you are looking for are the ones that have been reinforced by the inclusion of an additional layer of vinyl where the metal grommets are located to attach it to the shower hooks. As well make sure that the grommets have been treated correctly to prevent water penetrating them and causing them to rust in the future.
  • The last thing you need to take into consideration is the colour of the shower curtains liner. Up until a few years ago, the only colour available was off white. However, things have now improved, and there are many different colours to choose from. It is best to choose one that will not only complement or match the other shower curtains but the rest of the room’s decor.  

Fabric shower curtains liners come with a wide range of designs and solid colours that co-relate perfectly with the pre-existed theme. Additionally, they also provide a fantastic opportunity to create mix various designs and pattern to create awesome fusion. It gives a stylish and unique layer to your shower area.


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