Replace the traditional cigarettes with e juice

Smoking nicotine cigarettes is nothing new to you. Seven to eight of every ten people around you are addicted to cigarettes and there is nothing that could stop them! But now you have e cigarettes or electronic vaping device or e juice with the help of which you can absolutely enjoy smoking as well as say goodbye to nicotine that your family has been telling you since years! We all know that smoking kills and seriously e juice has been highly beneficial to many persons taking it. Research says that they carry much less toxics than traditional nicotine cigarettes and perhaps the best among all kinds of tobacco and tobacco replacements. People who have been taking it are highly benefited by e juice and you may research and read their feedbacks and reviews on such things before buying the stuff for yourself. There are various brands available online providing you with plenty of flavors to chose from. Try this smoke without fire thing or gift it your husband or father or brother who ever is addicted to smoking and see the change!

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Though it will be difficult for you if you are a chain smoker but you must try this since many are benefited by using this and it’s high time you quit cigarettes for your family if not for yourself. If you just want to try this product out you can go for the ones with zero nicotine content, but if you are a regular smoker and you cannot do without smoking chose an e juice with a little less dose than the one you intake. Safe and steady route is better. You can lower the dose weekly or monthly as you prefer it to be. As smoking is totally a combination of physical and psychological enjoyment many people comes back to the normal ones as well. All you need is self control and patience. E-juice is the same liquid which has been used in these cartridges. These comes in different flavors, like lemon- Lime flavor, Sweet fruit punch, Kiwi e liquid, caramel flavor etc. There are new flavors which are introduced to attract more customers so that they can enjoy e-smoking and quit smoking easily. These juices are made up of 5 main ingredients, Vegetable Glycerin which is the base and makes up to 80 to 90 % of the liquid. PG which is known as Propylene glycol is added with Vegetable Glycerin to produce the thicker vapor; this is one of the solvents which are used in many other products.

The best part about them is that you can get them in many flavors. Prefer strong ones? You get strong. prefer light and sweet ones? Also flavors are there. You can order them at anytime and get them delivered to your place just at the click of the mouse. To name a few, there are flavors as exotic such as apple pie, black cherry, bubblegum, clove, banana pie, the variations of e juice is wide.


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