Rebranding: 3 Tips to Ensuring a Success Product/Service Rebrand


Rebranding your products/services will disrupt the marketplace. Will this disruption be a positive or negative experience?

The decision to rebrand your products can have a pervasive effect on your customers. People do not like change; consequently, you need to be very careful how and when you rebrand your products as you could end up losing a substantial part of your customer base if they do not appreciate your rebranding efforts.

One of the aspects to consider when planning your rebranding exercise is to consider how your clients will react to the change in branding. Let’s face it! Rebranding your products or services is a major exercise and is designed to disrupt the market. You have to ensure that the market disruption is a positive event and not a negative event.

Tom Kanewske, senior director of business development at vehicle software company Derive Systems, emphasises the importance of understanding the challenges of rebranding your products or services:

One of the challenges [of rebranding] is maintaining value [as it may] leave customers feeling as if their loyalty has been trampled on.home security

Ensuring rebranding success

As a result, I believe that it is vital that you partner with a trusted rebranding agency such as BrandQuest in order to ensure that your rebranding exercise is professionally handled in order to guarantee success. Here are 3 tips to ensure that your rebranding exercise has a favourable outcome:

Keep your customers informed and involved

Continue to engage your customers during the rebranding process. Let them know why you feel that it is necessary to rebrand your products or services. Include them in the process by asking them for their opinion during the design process and by asking them for feedback during A/B testing. In this way, they will feel as though they are part of the process, and your rebranding exercise will become their rebranding exercise. It is a good idea to send out regular press releases, announcing what the changes are and why they will add value to the growth and revitalization of your brand.  

Be credible and genuine

When you are rebranding your products or services and marketing your rebranded products/services, it’s important to stay true to your company’s core values and to stay allied with, or connected to your existing customer base and stakeholders. The design of your new brand needs to continue to represent your business’s fundamental values, as well as continuing to symbolize your customer experience.

Planning your branding and marketing agency like BrandQuest will go a long way towards helping you towards your goal of remaining a credible and genuine brand. It’s important to balance the present, past, and future of your brand. You want to take a step forward in your brand’s journey; however, you cannot isolate your loyal customer base. Thus, it is vital that your brand remains loyal to what your customers believe about your company.

Keep your messages consistent across all channels

Every rebranding exercise is often accompanied by a period of growth and change in your business. Therefore, it is critical that all your company’s messages and press releases should contain the same content, and should accurately represent your company’s new vision and ethos. It’s important that you make sure that your whole media presence, both offline and online, is aligned.

Final words

In order to ensure that your rebranding exercise disrupts the marketplace in a positive way, it’s critical that you make sure that your branding exercise is planned and executed as professionally as possible. If the converse occurs, it could end up with disastrous consequences.

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