Predicting Events With Precision

The planet Earth is a strange place and many people really wonder besides science and technology, there is a supernatural force that is controlling the actions of human beings. There are both good and bad happening in the world. People need divine intervention and prayers to get the strength they need for passing through these events.

Special being on this planet…

There are some special and unique human beings that are born on Earth and they have the extraordinary capacity to heal and make predictions that will affect mankind. Sometimes they are not taken seriously by critics but these men of God say that good or bad destined to take place in this world is inevitable. Prophet TB Joshua is the Head Pastor of The Synagogue Church Of All Nations or SCOAN says the same thing. He makes predictions that are often not looked well upon by his critics. However, the fact is his prophecies do come true.Image result for tb joshua

Open to criticism

He has made prophecies about Ghana and Nigeria that have not gone too well in the world. However, he says that his words are just a message from God. The people should know the truth and he is the one that shares it with them. At the same time, he says that there is a lot of terrorism and evil going on in today’s world. He advises men to pray to God for protection. The prophecies do not bring good news and only the good Lord can help them.

Divine aid and intervention

He is also known for his messages on love and faith in God. Many people have gone to the extent of spreading the negative rumor that he uses the occult to make things come true. He is not affected by these rumors and he says every messenger of God has been subjected to a bad repute by non-followers. He is merely showing them the truth and predicting what lays ahead. He states that the real secret of his powers are God. He has been blessed with the Divine and this is the sole reason why he is considered to be a motivating and inspirational force to millions across the world. If he really had dabbled in the occult for his name, there would not have been millions of people coming to his Church every year. Surely, bad cannot attract so many people can it?

Helping the poor and the needy

Prophet TB Joshua is also a messiah in disguise when it comes to helping the poor and the needy of the land. He leaves no stone unturned when it comes to relief work for natural disasters and calamities. He also provides healing to people who have mental and physical worries. His anointed water has supreme healing benefits. He is on this planet to serve humankind and this is the reason why he is loved and trusted by millions across the world. He cares for everyone and is the guardian angel that actually resides in flesh and blood on this Earth!

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