Passion For Photography As A Hobby As Well As Full Time Job

Clicking photographs is fast becoming the fancy of the people in this era of digitalization. Even the mobile phones these days come with the best of the cameras and help capture the best of the photos. People love to click photographs as and when possible to show their creative pursuits to the entire world as a whole. This way one can capture the various beauties of the life and present it to the entire world showing their creative side to one and all without a saying. Photography is fast becoming the favorite pastime of the people especially the younger generation with the superb camera mobile phones in their hands at all points of time. In fact, the office goers and elders too are getting attracted towards the same and making it a part of their life as well as the memories and keeping them stay for a longer duration. So one can very well say that people from all walks of life and with different budgets and gadgets in their hands are making photography their first preference when it comes to choosing a hobby which helps them to refresh, unwind and chill in the life.

People like Michael Haddad who is an avid lover of photographysays that photographers should love to capture each and every possible moments in the individual’s lifetime. feel not even a single opportunity of this sort must be missed but should be valued for the memories it is going to create in the future. He is such a person who is apt at taking the perfect pictures and states that photography is becoming popular among the people due to the following reasons mentioned below:


  • Expressing thoughts and emotions in a more creative manner

Generally, it is a known fact that hobbies make the people learn something new and good and help them express themselves in the most creative manner possible without limiting them or getting distracted in some or the other way. Photography helps the people of all ages, caste and creed to showcase their thoughts to the entire world and capture some of the unique or special moments to make memories in the future with the help of the photographing instruments easily available in the market. It opens many doors and allows the photographer to view similar things in different forms and capture it under the lens, store it in the camera and get a negative of the same.

  • Making long cherished memories through the photographs


Clicked photographs can be seen at a later date or point of time as per the convenience of the people involved and thus help in creating memories. In fact, reliving the old days in the most memorable manner and keeping an eye on all the events and experiences of the life of a person being talked about. It brings with it many of the nostalgic moments – some happy and some sad but full of memories.

To sum it up all, Michael Haddad being an enthusiast in photography feels that photographs help make memories and has no limitations or should not have any by any means or any chance.

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