Oxandrolone A Mild Anabolic Steroid with Plenty of Positive Results for Athletic Performance

Oxandrolone is popular anabolic steroid among women because it is friendly (carries less adverse effects) and even men find it highly effective. It is mild in nature and some steroid users with ridiculous expectations don’t appreciate it.

First Oxandrolone was introduced in the market in 1960 with brand name Anavar was reported to have many therapeutic benefits. However, in 1989 this steroid ceased to exist due to legal pressure.


In 1995, Oxanthrolone re-appeared with new brand name but its price was significant. It is still the most expensive steroid sold in the market. Even though Anavar is linked with Oxandrolone, but no pharmaceutical company has manufactured it under the name ‘Anavar’.

Characteristics and working of Oxandrolone

Oxandrolone is a replica of DHT hormone. A little structural change like adding oxygen instead of carbon-2 in A-ring has dramatically increased this hormone’s anabolic power of getting broken down metabolically.

Second alteration at 17th carbon position with adding methyl group allows orally ingested Oxandrolone to enter bloodstream without getting destroyed in the liver. It is classified officially as C17-alpha alkylated or C17-aa anabolic steroid.

Even though Oxandrolone is regarded as a mild steroid, its anabolic rating is three times that of Testosterone. It does not mean Oxandrolone is powerful than testosterone in building mass. You can appreciate it because of its low androgenicity that makes it mild.

Beneficial functions of Oxandrolone include its ability to decrease SHBG glucocorticoid hormones as well as enhance nitrogen retention. Due to retention of nitrogen, an apt anabolic environment gets created that leads to catabolism.

Reduction in SHBG increases free testosterone and inhibits other anabolic steroidal hormone from getting bound. Generally, muscle wasting hormones (glucocorticoids) promote muscle loss and fat gain. However, reduction in glucocorticoids literally does the opposite.


Red blood count increases, which promotes muscular endurance. Oxandrolone has reported to promote lipolysis directly because of the following reasons –

  • It binds firmly to androgen receptor
  • It decreases thyroid binding globulin
  • It increases thyroxine binding prealbumin, thus more T3 (triidothyronine) gets utilized

Effects of Oxandrolone on athletes

For off-season athlete weight gain will be solid muscle tissue. It was demostrado que los beneficios (demonstrated that the benefits) that like other steroids, Oxandrolone doesn’t aromatize so there is no water retention.

Women are sensitive and can gain a lot in terms of mass growth. During lack of calorie body fat gets lost, but Oxandrolone promotes lipolysis, which promotes hard and well-defined physique.


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