How to Organise the Perfect Stag Do

So you are lucky enough to have the honour of being best man? This means the task of arranging the stag do falls on your broad shoulders. What can you do to ensure a ‘stag-nificent’ time is had by all?


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Forward Planning

Get the date in the diary – agree a date with the groom as far in advance as you can. This will give plenty of time to organise things. The general recommendation is to hold the stag do at least two weeks before the wedding.

Home or Away?

One of the key things to consider is whether you want to stay at home (in the UK) or go away for a short trip abroad? This is where budget becomes important.

According to research from Banana Moon, the average cost of stag do (or hen) in the UK is has reached a staggering £507 per person per event. This figure includes over £100 on travel, £90 on accommodation, and £75 on alcohol!


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How Long?

What is the premium length of stag do? Stag dos can range from a night out right through to a week of madness in foreign climbs. The optimum is probably a day/night experience – something ‘fun’ and ‘different’ during the day followed by an evening on the town.

Inside or Outside?

Because of the nature of the British climate, the time of year has to be taken into consideration when deciding whether the main activity is going to be indoors or outdoors. Outdoor ideas include: Paintballing, climbing, rally driving, a day/evening at the races, golf, or even a tank driving day? Indoor ideas include: Indoor skiing, tenpin bowling, laserquest, indoor skydiving, climbing.

If you are looking for some great ideas for activities, why not take a look at a website such as

The Evening

A meal to follow the main activity helps to split the day up and there may be people who only wish to attend the later festivities which could include a stand-up gig, a concert, or just a night in the pubs/clubs.

Get the Invites Out

Once you have agreed the date and the details with the groom, get the invites sent so that everyone you would like to attend has plenty of notice and time to clear their schedules/book days off work if necessary.a

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