Natural Products: More Effective Than Steroids or Just As Damaging As Them?

Tribulus acts similarly to synthetic anabolic steroids, but is 100% natural, safer for health and much more legal. Tribulus terestris is a testosterone stimulator with strong effects in increasing muscle mass and male potency. Tribulus Pro Nutrition is sold in bottles of 60 capsules (sufficient for a 30-60 day cure, depending on the dose you are taking).


The Latin name of the tribulus plant comes from Latin for confusion, trouble, shape of the fruit, a kind of anchor with three sharp angles, used by the old knights to stop the horses and “terrestris”, the plant being a creeping one. It is also known as “puncture comes” or the vine that stings, tribulus being Latin for confusion, trouble.

It is a plant used since ancient times throughout the globe. In ancient Greece and India, it was used as a rejuvenating tonic and all Greeks used it for headaches, nervous system disorders, constipation and sexual disorders. In China and India, it has been recognized for use in liver, kidney and urinary disorders, as well as in cardiovascular disease, and is used in China today for the same purposes, but also for immune disorders. But one of the most well known uses of the plant throughout the globe is as a rejuvenating and aphrodisiacal tonic.

It is a tropical, annual, vine-like plant, with numerous stems reaching up to lengths of more than 1 meter, with several erect and frequent branches that form a carpet. It grows in sandy soils, but also in desert areas and poor soils in many parts of the world: Europe, America (except the northernmost part), South Africa, Australia, India, China, Pakistan, Sri Lanka.

Chemical composition

  • saponins (furostanol and protodiscin – as active substance of the plant, and more recently discovered terrestrine A and B);
  • glycosides and sugars;
  • alkaloids;
  • resins;

If these were to be summarized, it would be recommended to not refrain from bringing this plant and its beneficial effects into your life, as it will heal and protect you from many of the major ailments a person may face. This product has been developed by Optimum Nutrition, just as you buy the best and highest quality products.


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