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Jakarta is getting crowded with new buildings with modern concept. However, that does not mean that Jakarta ignores the history.There is an area in Jakarta that terms of historical value complete with vintage buildings relics of the Dutch colonization. The area is the Old Town area. The Kota Tua area is between the borders of North Jakarta and West Jakarta. For those of you who love the history tour, obligatory to come to the Kota Tuaarea. In addition to enjoying the atmosphere of Jakarta with Dutch era, you also at once can learn history by visiting museums located in the Kota Tua area. In the Kota Tuaarea there are several museums that have a collection of historical objects as a silent witness of events in the past. All museums in the Kota Tuaarea can be visited by foot because the distance is close. Here are 5 museums what to see around Kota Tua Jakarta.

Fatahillah Museum in Kota Tua Jakarta, this museum is the most famous building in the Kota Tua area. The location of this building is exactly in front of the Kota Tuasquare. Fatahillah Museum has the official name of Jakarta History Museum. What is in this museum?Fatahillah Museum consists of several spaces that each has its own name. Some spaces in Fatahillah Museum include Tarumanegara Room, Jayakarta Room, Prehistory Room Jakarta, Fatahillah Room, Sultan Agung Room, and MH Thamrin Room. At Fatahillah Museum you can learn about the history of the

beloved capital

The Art Museum in Kota Tua Jakarta, move to the south from the Fatahillah Museum we will see the Wayang Museum in Kota Tua Jakarta. Predictably, the content of this museum is anything related to the world of wayang. You can browse the puppet collection at Wayang Museum. Apparently, wayang not only exist in Indonesia, but also foreign country is made it and the types are diverse. In this museum you will see a lot of collection of puppets from various regions in Indonesia to foreign countries. There are more than four thousand puppets that are displayed in the works of the Wayang Museum.

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There is also the Museum of Fine Arts and Ceramics in Kota Tua Jakarta. Once satisfied to see the collection at the Museum Fatahillah, it is suggested to stop by the Museum of Fine Arts and Ceramics. The Museum of Fine Arts and Ceramics has collectibles made of ceramics such as paintings and sculptures. Here you can various creative objects made of ceramic material.

There are two kinds of Bank Museum in Kota Tua Jakarta. The location of Museum Bank Indonesia in Kota TuaJakartais a bit far from Fatahillah Museum.Precisely before entering the entrance of the Kota Tua area. However visitors can still reach this museum on foot. In this museum you can learn the role of Bank Indonesia as the bank that has the highest authority in Indonesia.

Last but not least. The last museum is the Bank MandiriMuseumin the Kota Tua Jakarta. The location of Bank Mandiri Museum is adjacent to the Museum of Bank Indonesia.In this museum you can see the collection of money that has been circulating in Indonesia from the colonial era until now. From here you will also know the history of the formation of this Bank Mandiri Museum.

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