Metal bonding adhesives market set to reach $7.7bn by 2021

If you are thinking about investing, metal bonding adhesives may be the best place to put your money. A recent report published by Markets and Markets revealed that the market for metal bonding adhesives was valued in 2015 at 5.30 billion US dollars, but they predict the market will soar to 7.70 billion US dollars by 2021. That is a pretty big increase. In fact, it has a CAGR of 6.5% between 2016 and 2021.

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Why so popular?

This isn’t too surprising as according to The Fabricator, metal bonding adhesives have lots of advantages over thermal joining, such as welding, or mechanical fastens. Some of the main advantages include that they do not distort the metal when they are attached, there are no drill holes afterwards, they distribute weight evenly across the area, they don’t cause any weld worms or discolouration, and they are even effective on metal substances that are dissimilar to the metal melting points.

For these reasons, metal bonding adhesives are growing more and more popular. They are now being used to replace former methods of metal bonding in the automotive industry, and government regulations that aim to enhance fuel economy, are likely to boost the growth even further.

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More about metal bonding adhesives

There are a few different types of metal bonding adhesives, but the biggest is the resin type of epoxy-based metal bonding adhesives, closely followed by acrylic metal bonding adhesives. Epoxy-based metal bonding adhesives are the most popular as they are very durable and strong, and they are also temperature resistant, so they are very versatile and easy to use. They also incorporate superior bonding properties that help to improve crash resistance, making them perfect for the automotive industry.


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While the automotive industry is the main industry driving up the value of mental bonding adhesives, many other industries and regions are also driving up the value. The largest regional section of the metal bonding adhesives market was the Asia-Pacific region in 2015, and this is due to increased industrial growth in countries including Indonesia, India, Thailand and Vietnam.

It seems like this is a market that is just going to keep on growing due to the efficiency of the product.

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