Medical Health Benefits Of Pets That You Should Know

Having pet is a wish come true for others who are pet lovers. They find it exciting and amazing. This is an engaging experience where they find life meaningful because of love and joy that they feel towards the presence of their pets as their companion.


It is said that dog is a man’s best friend. This idea proves that pet are really influential to one’s life. There are positive findings based on the studies conducted about the effect of owning pets. According to Turramurra vet hospital Turramurra NSW, pets are good not just for bonding purposes but also for health concerns.

  1. They can make someone active

We all know that the bonding of the owners to their pets is to have a walk or to exercise. This became a routine for them. With this, it helps the body to be healthy and minds to be active. To support this idea, there is a study conducted in the American Journal of Public Health in the year 2010 which verifies that children owning a pet spent more time than children without dogs in doing moderate to dynamic activities. Also in the year 2016 thru the study by Canadian researchers and the University of Victoria, it was found out that owners of pet walked an average of three hundred minutes per week while a non-pet owners only consumed one hundred sixty eight minutes per week when participating in mild to moderate activities.

  1. They can discover cancer

Pets especially dogs can detect cancer according to scientists. When dogs are sniffing out cancerous growths go back. In The Lancet case study in the year nineteen eighty-nine, the dog owner who is a patient stated that her dog would constantly sniff on her leg’s mole and even tried once to bite the lesion off. With this, she checked her mole found out that she has a malignant melanoma.

This I not just for skin cancer. Dogs are also good in detecting cancer in different parts of the body such as in bladder, lung, colon, ovarian and breast. Panda, a trained 8 year old black Labrador, justifies this. He correctly identified the colorectal cancer in thirty three out of thirty seven samples of breath and stool of people that collected by scientists.


  1. They can detect someone with low blood sugar

It is not impossible for trained pets to identify low blood sugar levels. The article in the British Medical Journal of the year 2000 stated that more than 1/3 of pets that are staying with people who are diabetic have been identified to display changes in behaviour especially when the blood sugar of their owners drops.

  1. They can avoid others to have eczema

A lot of parents are afraid and are worrying to expose their kids to pets. They fear that it could trigger allergy or reactions of eczema. But the truth is, there should be no worries. Primary research in North Shore veterinary hospital shows that kids less likely to have eczema if they are exposed with dogs for as early as four years old.

Pets are really good in one’s life. In fact, they are a big help for the owners. You are not just having fun with them but most especially there is an assurance that you can have a healthy style of living. What are you waiting for? Look for one!

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