Make sure you don’t store these things in your garage

Most people use their garage as one of their main storage spaces; after all, it is a large room that does not get used regularly. It may seem like a perfect storage space, but there are a few things you should never keep in your garage.

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Your garage can work as a storage space, but it is important to be aware that it is not temperature controlled and many insects can inside. Here are five things you should not store in your garage.

Leftover paint

If you have painted a room and you are not sure where to store the leftover paint, be sure to avoid the garage. The paint can become unusable if it is exposed to varying temperatures. According to Lifehacker, you should keep paint in a properly-sealed container in a temperature-controlled room inside the house if you want to keep it fresh. Paint cans are also more likely to rust if they are kept on cement floors.

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Electronic items

Televisions, computers, laptops and DVD players can also become damaged if they are left in varying temperatures. You should keep old electronic items inside the house if you want to use them again.

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Propane tanks

Some people keep a propane tank in their garage in preparation for summer; however, this is very risky. Garages are not well ventilated, which means there is a chance you could ignite the fumes when your car starts. Make sure you keep propane tanks outside.


Fridges should not be kept in garages, as they do not work as well when the weather is cold. They also work overtime when the weather is warm, so your energy bill will be higher in the summer – and in winter the fridge could stop working completely! For this reason, it is important to keep your fridge in a temperature-controlled room.

Tinned food

Tinned food should also be kept in a temperature-controlled room, as it has a shorter shelf life in warm rooms. It can also freeze in cold temperatures; while this will not spoil the food, it could ruin the quality. Tinned food can also attract rodents and insects if kept in the garage.


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