Make Propose Day Memorable With Romantic Proposal Ideas

When you are in love, each day weaves a new chapter in your love story. Texts, phone calls, date nights, gifts and surprises; everything adds a moment to your romantic relationship. Truly, love has its own sweet joys and endless charm.

But one of the biggest milestones of a relationship is when you propose your partner. This moment remains tucked in the deep corners of the heart and brings a beaming smile on the face for years to come.cham

It stands to the reason why you should pay utmost attention when you make a romantic expression of your love, that moment when you promise a lifetime to your partner and solicit their YES in return. And to help you ‘earn’ that, here are some foolproof ways to propose and say I Love You to your partner, especially on February 8 which is an official Propose Day.

A One Day Romantic Picnic

Refrain yourself from doing anything regular. Plan a one day picnic to some nice place. It could be a theme park or their favourite romantic resort. And you are sure to create some lasting memories for them.

Proposal in Public

If you are not too shy, you would pull off a public proposal quite well. Take your partner to their favourite place and spend some romantic time together. There, have the proposal pre-planned. You can have a choir or band performance of your partner’s favourite songs. Finally, get down on your knees and propose to your partner.

Personalised ‘Scavenger Hunt’

This one is quite interesting, unique and romantic. Make sure this game comes as a surprise to your partner. Start the game with some romantic clue that leads to another. Set the final clue that would lead to you. When your partner is finally at the venue, walk towards them slowly and tell them how special they are for you. Now, get down on your knees and pop the question, “May I have the honour of having you as my life partner?”

Candlelight Dinner

Go for a proper wine and dine session. A romantic candle light dinner on Propose Day is the ultimate way to romance your partner. Make it special by making the reservations and planning the menu well in advance. While you both are having dinner, pull out the ring from your pocket and ask the question. You can choose a little offbeat location like a rooftop, underwater restaurant etc to make the day memorable.

Handwritten Notes or Poems

You don’t have to be creative or need a flawless grammar to pour out your emotions on a piece of paper. A handwritten note or poem does a lot in conveying your true feelings than any mail or text could do. Phrase a heartfelt personalised paragraph or a poem and send it across with Propose Day gifts, say, a bunch of flowers. Trust us! This is all you would need to win your partner’s heart.

Proposal via Radio

If you are willing to make it super duper grand, propose over the radio. If your partner listens to the radio, making a dedication would do wonders. Get in touch with your local FM Station- the one your partner tunes into. Have their favourite song played followed by your proposal. Connect to your partner live during the show by calling them for the awaited answer. You are definitely going to hear a ‘Yes’.

Proposal with Banner

Have a banner displayed outside her house or workplace. It could read “I Love You” followed “Will You Marry Me?” or anything heart warming and emotional. You can also have a flying banner made and surprise your partner by flying it over them. However, it is advised that you do not use the real name of your partner but use an endearment for your partner.

With Propose Day round the corner, make the best use of it and seal your relationship in an everlasting bond with unique Proposal Ideas.

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