A List of Incentives for Giving To Charity

Although activists and social change makers constantly call out the injustices of social and class based inequalities, most of us are habituated to the fact that there are class divisions between people, and that it is immensely difficult to throw it all off. Even if a classless society with equal opportunity for all does transpire in the future, it will not be in our lifetimes.

While class discrimination is an abomination, there are small instances of goodness and mercy that happen and keep us going as a collective of humans. Philanthropic activity is one of those acts of kindness that many wealthy and affluent people continue to perform in explicit bids to attack poverty and hunger and deprivation from opportunity, which are the hallmarks of class-demarcated society. Religions practiced by most people in India also endorse giving. There is still a lack of a culture of giving in India, which is slowly but steadily being catalyzed by new ways of giving, particularly through crowdfunding India, through which process many donors contribute relatively small sums to meet a large shared target.

It is important for campaigners to encourage donors to give. Here is a list of incentives that many donors will consider great reasons to give:

  1. Sheer good feeling: Doing well in the world by way of giving in money or material items to people less fortunate than oneself is a proven method of feeling positive emotions. For a lot of donors, this is enough incentive to give.
  1. The wish to be useful: Some donors care deeply about the impact of their own donation on a certain project. For this group, a fund utilization report is sure to work miracles into turning the first time giver to a loyal, recurring one.
  1. Acknowledgement: Quite a few donors like to be acknowledged and appreciated for the gift they made to a crowdfunding India venture. Social media shootouts and thank you notes and customized emails of gratitude work best for this type of donor.
  1. Ease: More donors than you can imagine needs to enjoy a smooth and easy giving process to encourage them to donate. Set up a user-friendly payment gateway on your website to ensure that these donors make their gifts to your cause.
  1. Tax benefits: Donating to many crowdfunding India projects ensures that the donor gets tax benefits on the amount given to charity. This is probably the top reason why the middle-class donates. Promote your cause aggressively during tax season to get more donors to contribute and make your project a success.

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