Life After Rehab: What Recovering Addicts in Rockford Can Expect

Life after any drug rehab Rockford program can be tricky and difficult to say the least.  It is not all a walk in the park to say the least, and there is often a lot of difficulty and hardship facing those who make it through rehab and come out the other side clean and sober.  The truth of this is in the simple fact that rehab, a process that takes about one to two month, cannot physically hope to address all of the many different aspects of addiction that one will have accrued over the course of years of abusing drugs and alcohol.  Rehab exists to help the person get over the hump and take care of the vast majority of the addiction crisis certainly, but one is not necessarily in the clear just because he or she goes to rehab.  There is usually a lot more to do after rehab is completed too.

For Rockford recovering addicts, and for any recovering addicts for that matter, this is where aftercare comes into play.  With aftercare, one effectively is able to continue to work on his or her addiction issues while also holding as job and continuing to go through normal, day to day life and livingness.  This is a simple thing to do indeed, but it must be done and it must be maintained.  Image result for Life After Rehab:

Aftercare is any type of outpatient center that a recovering addict can go to for additional one-on-one counseling, a furtherance of his or her addiction recovery, group sessions, classes, elective, courses, life skills, etc.  It is a center that helps recovering addicts stay clean and sober now that they are on their own and back in the real world again.

Maintaining Sobriety

The most concerning and the most worrying thing about addiction recovery is that it doesn’t always last.  Relapse is definitely a possibility and it is a possibility for anyone who is recovering from drug and alcohol addiction, no matter who they are.  Relapse is a possibility for anyone, and it can happen to anyone who’s ever suffered with addiction and at any time too.

Maintaining sobriety is key though, because most overdose deaths occur during a relapse, and relapsing can totally ruin all of the hard work and effort that someone has put into their recovering and make it look like it wasn’t worth anything.

Again this is why aftercare is so important and why, especially for those in recovery in Rockford, it should be pursued at all costs.  According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) more individuals relapse every year than get help with their addiction problems, which is exactly why now more so then ever relapse has to be reined in and brought to a stop.  With effective aftercare applied to those who complete treatment, relapse truly can become a thing of the past.  This is needed in Rockford, because addiction is already a pretty serious problem here as it is.


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