How to keep your conveying facility safe and clean

It is essential to make sure that your workplace is safe and clean, especially if you deal with products that require transferring powder. This includes products for the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry and the chemical industry.

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But how can you make sure that your warehouse is clean and tidy all of the time? It can seem like a very difficult task, but thankfully it is entirely possible to keep the warehouse tidy as you work. For instance, you can use pneumatic transfer to vacuum loose products, so they won’t cause a mess as they are moved around.

Here are some tips to help you keep your conveying facility safe and clean.

Keeping it safe

If you want to make sure your warehouse is safe you must find a reliable transfer method for all of your hazardous products such as chemical powders –

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This eliminates the risk of employees touching the powder as they work, but it is also important to make sure that the transfer method you find is also considerate towards employees. For instance, you could vacuum pack all hazardous materials, but if the packs are very heavy employees may injure their backs when they lift the products up. This can be avoided by using smaller vacuum packs. However, automated machines, such as a vacuum conveyor, tend to be a better option, as this means that no employees actually have to physically touch the packs. It is also possible to invest in pneumatic vacuum conveyors that are completely closed off, so any products inside can’t escape into the air in the warehouse.

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Keeping it clean

It is also important to make sure that any conveyor belts that are used are cleaned regularly. This is isn’t a problem if you use pneumatic conveyors, as they have a closed system that stops products from becoming airborne, but if you have normal conveyor belts they will need to be cleaned regularly. If there is a hazardous material on the belt, you should ensure that the employee cleaning it is wearing an appropriate safety outfit. You should also make sure that they fully understand the company’s safety and cleaning regulations before they start cleaning away any hazardous materials.

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