Keep Calm and Cook Over a Campfire

There’s something quite magical about the taste of food cooked outdoors. Cooking in a way our ancestors would have is hugely satisfying and done well, can be a thoroughly special and enjoyable experience. If you find you get stressed out over the camping cook duties, then try these helpful hints for making the process much more pleasant:

  • Having the right equipment is the first step to successful outdoor cooking. You’ll definitely need matches and lighter fluid, a medium-sized lightweight pot and pan, foil and a portable grate. A spatula and tongs are also important to avoid getting burnt fingers!
  • A useful idea is to measure ingredients for meals before you depart and store them in individually labelled ziplock bags.
  • You could even make a meal before you leave, such as a stew and freeze it. Pack it in the cooler and re-heat over the campfire for a quick and easy meal.
  • While cooking outdoors, be sure to cover pots. This cooks your food quicker, saves on fuel and prevents any debris or insects from getting into your food.

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  • Always store your food effectively or hang it up above ground level to avoid the attentions of any unwanted wildlife!
  • Take a little oil to rub onto the portable grill which will stop food from sticking to it during cooking.
  • Ensure matches are kept in a waterproof container. An online bushcraft store will be able to meet all your outdoor catering needs. For a wide range of equipment, visit online bushcraft store Anglo Forro.
  • To prevent a bar of soap from getting dirty while camping, store it in a clean sock and hang from a nearby tree branch.
  • For energy-boosting snacks in-between meals, pack items like energy bars, trail mix, dried fruit or cereal bars. They are small, lightweight and great for a pick-me-up especially if your hiking.
  • Did you know that if you add too much salt to a dish you can easily rectify this by adding a peeled potato to absorb the excess salt?
  • Cooking over coals offers a more even heat and much less smoke. This is useful for preventing the burning, overcooking or more dangerous, undercooking of your meals.
  • When cooking burgers, place a finger hole through the middle of the burger first. The hole will disappear during grilling, but this ensures that the centre is cooked as evenly as the edges of your meat.

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  • To avoid the need for constant opening up of your cooler, pack drinks into a different container to protect your food for longer.
  • Did you know that old water bottles can be re-used as dispensers for oils, salad dressings or any other sauces you might want to take with you?
  • When packing raw meat, keep the food separately secured in plastic bags to avoid cross-contamination with any other food.
  • Meat and chicken cooked on a grill can easily look cooked on the outside but needs to be safely cooked internally as well. Invest in a meat thermometer for peace of mind to ensure no bacteria is left lurking inside the meat.

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