Janitorial Service Worker job Description  

 A janitorial service worker can work in settings like schools, businesses, factories, and offices.  They are the ones that keep these places clean.   Being a janitor is not just picking up trash and sweeping and mopping floors. At times it can be a job that can be taxing on the body and can require a lot of stamina because it is a job that does require a lot of hard work.  This is a job that start after offices and business close.

Duties of a janitorial service

When working for a janitorial service what your job duties will be depends on the type of cleaning the company you work for does.  When using office cleaning companies there may be several janitors working there with each one having a certain section of the business to clean.  If the service has contracts with several small offices to clean you may have a certain amount of offices to clean each night.  For larger offices there may be two janitors who do the cleaning.  When cleaning schools, most janitors are employed by the school system.

One of the primary jobs of a janitorial service is to keep the business, office, or school clean and hygienic for the employees working there.  A janitor must have knowledge of cleaning agents because different ones are needed for cleaning the floor and windows.  They also have to mop and vacuum floors which do require some degree of physical strength.3

When cleaning offices or businesses some of the duties you may perform can include:

  • Collecting trash and disposing of it properly
  • Dusting desks
  • Cleaning the computer monitor to get the fingerprints off
  • Making sure that every restroom is clean and well stocked with toilet paper, room freshener, soap, etc. You will also clean the sinks and toilets and mop the floors.  You will also check the walls to make sure they are clean.  The mirror (s) needs to be cleaned of all fingerprints and water spots.
  • Make inventories of all cleaning supplies to make sure that there is enough of everything to do their job properly. If supplies are needed they let their janitorial service company know so supplies can be ordered.
  • If the offices are carpeted they will also have to vacuum them
  • Clean all windows

In some cases you may also have outside responsibilities when working for a janitorial service like watering the plants, or trimming the lawns.  In the winter you may have to shovel the snow off the walks.  If you work for a janitorial service that cleans factories our main responsibilities will be to keep the break room clean and the restrooms.  They will also clean the offices.

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