Its summertime, time to sport your Shorts

Finally the winter is over and the sun is out there asking for a change in wardrobe.  But that does not mean that fashion needs to go out of the window when you pack your suits and classy winter ware.  Just because summer is setting in, men have no excuse to be short on style.  Shorts for men have now come out of the closet and are no more a locker room dress code.  Designers are pairing shorts for men with business coats and ties and sporting the new cool trendy look.  But wait, the idea of shorts for men is to look trendy and cool and not funny.  This season when you are shopping for your shorts, you can opt for bright colors, fun patterns and slim cuts.

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  • Stick with a slim cut: Most designers are of the opinion that a close fit on the back and straight legs down to the top of the knees looks good on most men. The style dates back to the time of military shorts and Bermuda shorts and have never ideally been out of men’s fashion.
  • Keep them on the longer side: The length of shorts for men has always been in ambiguity and many feel that a shorter length sports a cooler look. But then, if you have an average height of 5’7” or more, then shorts for men which are 2 inches above the skin will have too much of skin out in the open and will kill the vibe.  Make sure that shorts for men are till the knees.
  • Experiment the color pattern: The changing times in men’s fashion no more restricts to the classic blue, black and white. Give yourself a chance and experiment different colors when it comes to shorts for men.  Go ahead and try a bright yellow, orange or green pair of shorts for men.  The fashion for polka dots are also back in the case of shorts for men and is worth a short, if paired with a neutral polo t-shirt.

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