Iconic Animal Sculptures of America

There are many fine animal sculptures to see across the world, but America can boast more than most. If you’re planning a road trip of the U.S this summer and you love animals, be sure to include the following impressive sculptures on your journey:

The Wall Street Bull

This is one of the most iconic animal sculptures in the world that sits not far from the New York Stock Exchange building in Bowling Green Park, New York. It is a 3.5 tonne bronze bull created by the artist Arturo Di Modica. Apparently, it’s considered good luck to rub either its horns, nose and even its private parts!

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The Wild Horse Monument, Washington State

For a real sense of the American West, a display of wild horses is the perfect symbol. This impressive sculpture consists of 15 large steel horses depicted galloping across the wilderness above the Columbia River. The work is the brainchild of David Govedave and can be viewed from driving past on the Interstate 90 or even better still, take a hiking trail to see them close up.

The Sea Lions of San Francisco

San Francisco is famous for its colonies of sea lions that like to congregate on the sun-soaked floating docks by Pier 39. Don’t be disappointed though if you head there and the sea lions have gone for a swim as they have been immortalised in a bronze animal sculpture at the front of the pier. A bronze family of sea lions takes pride of place at the front of Pier 39 to act as a useful and attractive meeting point and sightseeing location. Why not immortalise your own favourite animal with Bronze Animal Sculptures by Gill Parker

Secretariat at Kentucky Horse Park

Secretariat is one of the most famous racehorses of all time and beautiful bronze tribute to the horse can be found at Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, Kentucky. This is a definite must-visit location for any horse-lovers or race enthusiasts as there are other sculptures at the Park, including Misty of Chincoteague and Man o’ War.

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The Lions of the Art Institute of Chicago

If Chicago is part of your itinerary, then be sure to check out the entrance of the Art Institute which has been guarded by these iconic bronze lions since 1894. Residents of the Windy City claim that the lion statues are more famous and far grander than similar lions in New York.

Old Shep of Montana

This is a bronze sculpture that beautifully depicts the loyal and loving relationship between a sheep dog and his master. The local story is that when Old Shep’s owner became ill in 1936, the dog found his way to the Fort Benton Hospital in Montana and waited by the doors. Sadly, the owner passed away after a few days and the body was returned east by train to be buried. Old Shep followed the casket to the train and spent the next five years meeting every train that arrived in the vain hope of being reunited with his master.  In 1994, his loyalty was immortalised with the installation of a statue in the City Park.

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