How to grow weed AK47? 6 customized tips just for you

Weed AK47 is presently one of the best strains in smoker’s community. Keeping in mind the level of potency in it, this Afghani Indica and Thai Sativa breed are taking over the market. Winning the 3rd position in High Times Cannabis Award in 2011, Smokers are looking for the secret to harvest this at home.

There were several attempts to make this strain grow indoors, but unfortunately 90% of the time it was a failure. Among that 10% success rate, experts noted the ‘special’ tips to follow for growing AK47. Of course, the basic process is same, but there are certain specifications that one needs to maintain to get the best result.

6 customized tips on how to grow weed AK47

Tip 1: Weed grow entirely on the strain

You cannot compare one strain growing procedure with the other. It will always be different. This is why; you have to know in details about weed AK47 first. Moreover, it also depends on the type of seed you are using. The best one is unpolished, feminized AK47 seeds.

Tip 2: More nutrients can be very harmful to this type

If till now you thought adding more fertilizer and nutrients is beneficial, you are wrong. To know how to grow weed AK47 successfully, don’t overdo with nutrients. It destroys the original musty and fruity smell of the bud.

Tip 3: Balance the pH of soil

One very important thing that you need to learn about growing weed AK47 is that it can only live in pH 7 soil properly. Check the level and balance the soil pH by adding acidic or basic water. You can add lemon juice to increase the acidic level or add sulfur to make it basic.

Tip 4: Maintain the dark period

Every weed plant has a dark period, and it is same for AK47 also. You need to cover the budding plants properly and keep it away from light. The plants can suffer from stress as well as not yield proper buds.

Tip 5: Wait for the correct flowering time

Weed AK47 requires around nine weeks for flowering. In case you hurry before that, the buds will not develop properly, and it will be a low-quality yield.

With perfect process of how to grow weed AK47; it has a high potency with 20% TCH content.

Tip 6: Make sure the ventilation is perfect

There are few points regarding proper ventilation that every AK47 grower has to keep in mind. With proper ventilation, there are some benefits that you will get from this amazing weed strain:

  • It prevents from molds and rotting of bud
  • Protects from fungus
  • Strengthens the stem
  • It helps to grow faster

These are few of tips that you must follow to make sure you understand the science of how to grow weed AK47. You can consult online sites and their experts who will give you more detailed information about this strain or another strain. Take care of the above points, and you can certainly expect a healthy harvest of AK47!

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