How to Create a Showroom-Worthy Bed


It has probably happened to you at least once – stopped short in front of a bedding window display. There is just something about a beautifully made bed that simply calls out to everyone. In reality, however, your bed may actually look quite different. In the beginning, you may have tried to make an effort but as time wears on, most people simply begin choosing whatever bedding is easiest. However, you too can have the bed of your dreams. It just takes a little bit of coordination and some helpful tips. Here is what you need to know about creating a bed that is worthy of a bedding showroom:

Co-ordinate Before You Buy

A mistake that you may be making is buying individual pieces and then trying to get them to work together. At times, you may be able to make this happen. More often than not, however, it is quite difficult to accomplish. In addition to having different colour schemes, these varying pieces tend to be made from diverse materials as well. This can mean that they look quite odd together. To avoid this, you should get duvet sets online. This way, you can be reassured that they will go well together. This does not mean that you have to be restricted to only these items, however. You can feel free to add in other pieces as well. It is best overall, nonetheless, that the majority of the pieces work well with one another.

Layer Your Pieces

Once you have sorted out the pieces, it is about creating that effect that you desire. Something you may have noticed when observing the made beds in window displays is that these creations are made up of many layers. There can be up to five layers, depending on just how much of an effort you want to make. The first layer is the sheet – this is tightly tucked in at all corners and should not reveal any wrinkles or creases. After this, you place another sheet on top. This, conversely, is not meant to be tucked in. You simply pull it back a little and pull it over. Next comes the duvet, and you can repeat the previous style here. Now, it is up to you how many more you want to add to your bed. For added effect, you can fold a coverlet as well as a throw, if you would like. This type of bedding may come in particularly handy during the winter.

Pillows Galore

The final steps involves pillows, lots and lots of pillows. Here again, however, it is about just how much fuss you want to go through each day. If you want a designer looking bed but do not appreciate the hassle of a mountain of pillows, you can stick with about four or five pillows. If you are all about the excess, you can use about six or seven pillows. Remember that these should be steadily decreasing in size. The largest should be all the way in the back and you can continue with the smaller cushions. If you would like to create a little bit of contrast, the best way to do this is with the pillows. You can choose one or more that are of either different shades or consist of a different patterns. You can even try covers with tassels or other adornments as well.

These is really all that you need to make it seem as though you had a personal designer make up your bed this morning. Once you find home décor style and rhythm for yourself, creating a beautiful bed will become second nature to you.

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