How to Convert a Color Photo into Black and White with Movavi Photo Noir

Black and white effect is a very popular photo effect that photographers have used since a long time ago. The purpose of the black and white effect is to make your photo look old. It can bring a vintage feeling when you look at the photo. You don’t need a special camera lens to achieve this effect. Often, it is very hard to get it right even when you are using the black and white lens. Movavi Photo Noir is the software you need if you are looking for a simple software that let you add black and white effect without any complicated function.

Movavi Photo Noir allows you to determine the area where you want to apply the grayscale effect. It has a special tool that can bring out the rich color of the highlighted part. Optimizing the photo in black and white effect only involved a few simple steps. The first step is to load the photo into Movavi Photo Noir. Next, you must go to the Noir tab and expand the presets tab. Under the presets tab, you will see many different types of black and white filters. Some of the filters that you can use to make picture black and white are macchiato, dopplo, tripplo and expresso.

It automatically preview how your photo will look in each of the different types of black and white filters. Selecting the filter will preview it in larger size on the preview pane on the left side. The black and white filter that is being selected will have a blue frame around it. You must not forget to click on the Apply button before it will be preview on the preview panel on the left.

If you want to highlight a certain part of the photo in color, you must click on the brush button on top. Clicking on the brush button on top will show the size and softness option. You can drag the size slider to adjust the size and softness of the brush tool. You can also adjust the size and softness of the brush by manually entering the values on the text box to the right.

You are to apply the brush tool on the area that you want to color. If you make a mistake, you can click on the eraser button to erase it away. If you use the eraser to erase the brush effect, it will revert to black and white effect. You can also click the undo button several times to undo the brush effect. Blending black and white effect with color effect can make the photo look great. By highlighting the details in color, you will be able to draw people’s attentions to it.

The blue Export button on the lower right corner is the button that you should press when you want to save the photo. You can download the trial version of Movavi Photo Noir and see how it works by converting your color photos into black and white version. Movavi Photo Noir is compatible with computers that run on Windows or Mac OS operating system.

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