High relevant links or high authority?

Online reputation management is a service an increasing amount of organizations and individuals are looking to get. This is due to the fact that the public is turning to search engines to find solutions to their problems; human resources are looking up candidates and a slew of other reasons. So that is why it is important to have a clean online reputation; you never know you may be looking you up.

There are different things you can be doing to ensure the public sees what you want them to see on search engines. First of all, being active on social media is key since these sites have a high domain authority and generally show up high on search engines. But what else can you fill the first search engine result page with?

Content is another key component in search engine optimization. It is possible to get your articles published on other sites such as Forbes and get a link back to your site. Since many people go on Forbes to read their material, they may come across your piece and learn more about what you are all about. But keep in mind it is fairly difficult to get published on that site since they have strict guidelines on what article does or does not get accepted.

This whole process will take a long time to get an answer so it is good to also have other sources to get link juice from. Now the question remains if it what kind of link is best: relevance or authority. These two are always in the mind in the job of a link builder. Generally, they are both important and have to be part of the overall evaluation of a link. Ideally every link secured will come from sites that are both of high authority and relevance to your site.

But that will not always be the case, so the question still stands, relevance or authority. Honestly, this is a source of constant debate because of the differences between the two. For arguments sake, let’s say if all things being equal the choices are between high relevance with low authority or high authority and low relevance.

Most people said that with high relevancy, you will get better, more targeted audiences visiting your site which will drive higher quality leads and in turn conversions. In addition, if your content is not relevant with a certain link, Google might discount it.  

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