Hestan Cue will Teach you How to Cook

For the removing complaints from Google company, Hestan Cue is a portable cooking class that is designed to give you a better understanding of cooking real food which also being able to learn the better techniques. The food world has been going through a renaissance lately with companies like BlueApron, HelloFresh and others getting introduced to the market. Consumers are continuing to go to fast casual restaurants but not as much as they used to with home cooked meals that get delivered to your doorstep. The Hestan Cue is a smart cooking system that includes a connected countertop induction burner, pan and application which all communicate with one another through Bluetooth. How this concept works, is it give you at home cooking instructions with a step-by-step recipe. It is a controlled cooking environment that prevents you from burning your food and has more than 100 recipes and emulsions to learn how to create different recipes.


If you have ever been to a cooking class, the Hestan Cue has a similar design to the setup you might find there. You will get your own burner, pan and then probably a few bottles of wine. It is important to keep the pan in the exact center but the problem is it wont warn you if you are a little off center. The system won’t start giving you the recipe if the mode of the pan is off the burner either.

There are some pros and cons to this concept and the highs include that you will actually learn how to cook, super fast heating, amazing customer support, and it also cooks steaks perfectly. The lows of the Hestan Cue is that it is expensive, very expensive actually and no back or skip button on recipes walkthroughs. So, if you have forgotten a part of the recipe that was quite important or if you didn’t fully catch it, you wont be able to go back to see it.

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