Got Flat Feet? Here Are Some Tips To Reduce The Pain

Do your feet get easily tired and become inflated after long walks or long day? Do you experience leg and back pain? These are what people with flat feet deal with — around thirty percent of people suffer from this problem.

Mostly, people who struggle with flat feet condition are known asymptomatic. This means, they do not feel pain and have the ability to enjoy normal leg and foot function. But, some people experience foot pain once they get older, while others experience pain once they have normal arches.

What causes flat foot pain?

There are several factors that result in flat feet, such as aging, injury and illness. Sometimes, aching flat foot develops in toddlers caused by the fusing of foot bones together, or by the tarsal condition. As per most podiatrist Bondi, genetics, injury, weak arches, pregnancy, ruptured tendon, health conditions (e.g. diabetes, arthritis) and muscular or nervous illnesses (e.g. spinal bifida and cerebral palsy) are other factors that may cause flat feet.

So, how to reduce pain due to flat feet?

  • Wear house shoes

There is nothing better than kicking off the dress shoes or heels after a long exhausting day. Do not pad around your home in socks or barefoot because you’re just allowing more amount of pressure to enter into your feet. It is recommended to always have a pair of supportive, comfortable clogs or slippers inside the house.

  • Consider foot massage

Our feet consist of millions of nerve endings, which can be developed by various types of massage. Those with flat feet will find a quality feet massage highly beneficial as it releases varying pains within the body. It is responsible for relaxing connective tissues and increasing circulation. When massaging, you can make use of a frozen water table to help ease the soreness in your feet.

  • Perform exercises that help with flat feet

Barefoot standing and walking are two easy and simple things that will help reduce the pain you’re dealing with. Run barefooted and do balancing exercises. By doing so, you can improve the functions of your muscles, ligaments and tendons in a significant manner. You can also perform stretches, such as calf stretch, to relieve the pain.

  • Know the benefits of orthotics or shoe inserts

Of course, don’t forget what an orthotic can offer for your painful flat foot. Also known as shoe inserts, orthotics can minimize the pain by giving better support for your arch. Though it cannot develop in your foot, orthotics control irregular pronation. Also, the friction between the foot and shoes is lessened, which eventually stops rashes creation.

Living with flat feet is not difficult as what you think!

The secret is to add little changes in your day-to-day routine. People with flat feet should not worry too much as there are numerous ways to make your life easier and less hassle. Proper footwear is always important to relieve or even get rid of the symptoms.

Having these tips in mind means allowing yourself to have a more productive day either at home or at work.

Do you like to have diagnoses for your tired and unhappy feet while living around Kensington? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with a reliable podiatrist Kensington clinic so you can discuss your problem with them.

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