Five ways to make your meeting memorable

Many of us have been stuck in a meeting we would rather have missed. Perhaps the content was not particularly inspiring, or we did not feel it was relevant to us; however, there is a purpose behind every meeting and objectives the organiser hopes to achieve.

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Even the government offers guidance on meeting etiquette, so how do you run a successful meeting that is memorable for attendees?

Location, location, location

Where you hold your meeting has a substantial impact on the feel and mood of the event. The venue you choose will depend on the purpose of the meeting, the number of attendees, and – of course – the budget.

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Getting everyone involved

There are plenty of people who shy away from speaking up and putting across their points and suggestions in a meeting simply because they do not feel confident in the group. This can mean you miss some very valuable insights. Try adding some fun activities and ice breakers to help everyone relax and interact with each other.


A guest speaker can add a spark to the meeting, particularly if they are well-known or have an inspiring story to tell; however, think about the value they will add to the meeting. How does their story fit in with the theme and objectives of your meeting? While a good speaker will always be memorable, they are only value for money if they help to illustrate and reiterate some of your key messages.


Whether your meeting lasts an hour or a day, it is worth providing attendees with some sustenance. This might simply be water for shorter meetings or include a buffet lunch and a couple of coffee and tea breaks for an all-day session. Either way, appropriate sustenance will help delegates to focus and avoid any embarrassing belly-rumbling scenarios.

Something to take away

It is always a nice idea to give delegates something to take away with them to help them remember the meeting; for example, a goody bag can be filled with treats in addition to any important literature you would like them to read.

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