Experience Eating and Drinking like a Local in Porto

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Porto is a happening city in Portugal famous for its rich culture and awesome cuisine. The Portuguese people have amazing sense of hospitality and their welcoming nature enhances the experience of mingling with locals. As a tourist or an expat, nothing can be better than Food Tours Porto for mingling with locals, and soaking the raw appeal of this amazing landmark on the globe.

Important drinks packages worth not amiss

If you are a true connoisseur of wines coming straight from the barrels, Porto wine and dine tours can help you have the best experience. Some of the drinks packages designed to give ample offerings of alcoholic finesse to the tourists are:

Any of the wines:

The additional pouring of red, white or Verde wine is added to the food tour package by some select tour specialists. This extra is complimentary too. It is one of the most ordered packages and is garnering rave reviews due to correct reasons.

A draft beer:

You can add a large draft beer in your package. This draft beer is authentic drink and pilsner-style. The refreshing appeal of this beer is enhanced further with its golden color and leaves you asking for more.

A port wine package:

Port Wine comes in three varieties – white, tawny or ruby. This complimentary wine introduces you to the fact why Portuguese are die hard wine lovers. This variety of wine is actually copied the most across the world. So, when you order this package, you are ordering the original of various variants that you might have sworn by in your own lands.

Apart from the abundance of wine, you can satiate the foodie in you the best when roaming through Porto streets. Locals have lots of meal times and so you will always have a company to eat delicacies during the food tour. Book one now!


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